All Appetizers, All Beverages, All the Time!                        (Appetizers and Beverages ONLY please. Thank you!)
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We LOVE appy's! Making, eating, serving; it's all about appy's. Since appy's and thirst quenchers go together we will also feature beverages. We will post all of our appy/beverage recipes here and hope that you will do the same. We will work to keep our recipes to appys/beverages ONLY. Please respect the integrity of the group and do not share recipes from other categories. We will work to keep the group active and open to all. Come on over and join the appy and beverages fun!
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We are so happy that you have jumped into our happy appy pool! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you around the group! (*,*)
Shared the latest appy's and bevs to the group.
Take a look!
Please welcome Michelle to our little group!!!
We are so happy that you are here and as you are a veteran of JAP, I am so looking forward to your recipes!
Let the pinching begin and please share when you are ready.
Again, Michelle, welcome! (*,*)
Rough week so far- whew! Seems like it should be Friday already. At least we only have a few days to go to make it to the weekend! Hoping for a good rest of the week for all. Really, things can only go up from here! Also hoping for a...
Cindy Smith Bryson cindyluhoo - Yesterday at 5:29 PM
How is everyone responding to the new format now that we have spent the day w/ it?

I have not been on much today. Slept a lot w/ a migraine and going back to sleep now.

Have a wonderful eves and let us know what you think! (*,*)
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