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Not only do we love appetizers (all kinds of appetizers!), but we also love beverages (all kinds of beverages!). We make meals of luscious appetizers and supplement them with all kinds of wonderful beverages!

We also love chit-chat! We enjoy having our friends drop in, grab a plate of appetizers and a beverage and tell us what is going on in their lives, or tell us a story or joke, or recite poetry or chat about nearly anything that strikes their fancy! Sometimes we throw in a history lesson or just an interesting and perhaps little-known piece of trivial information. Or we share a picture or two. Whatever it is, we sure would like to have you onboard our Appy/Bev Express, so jump on the train, grab a plate and a glass and dive right in!

PICTURED: Aqua de Sandia (watermelon water) by: Eileen Hineline

Cindy Smith Bryson
16 Hours Ago

Good morning and happy Thursday

It is another beautiful Fall day along the Gulf Coast and I hope you are likewise enjoying fine weather.

My big plan today is to take advantage of early voting. Hubs could not make it yesterday and we like to vote together so today it is.

Have a tremendous Thursday and we will see you around the kitchen.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Yesterday at 1:49 PM

This is just so simply true

You seriously have no idea what may be going on in someone's personal life so just be nice. It is as simple as that.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Wednesday at 7:17 AM

Good morning and happy Wednesday

It is a beautiful day here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Clear and sunny w/ a high of only 80 expected.
That darn humidity has creeped back up to 80%. Yesterday it was only 30% and heavenly outside!

I think I will take advantage of early voting today. That has started here in Florida.

Big plans for your day or business as usual?

Cindy Smith Bryson
Tuesday at 7:53 AM

Fact of the day

In Kentucky it is illegal to carry ice cream in your back pocket.

Who knew? HMmmmm.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Tuesday at 7:43 AM

Welcome to Tuesday

A beautiful Fall day here and promises of our usual sunshiny day.

Have a happy!

Cindy Smith Bryson
Monday at 6:09 AM

Welcome to another manic Monday

Good Monday morning.

It is 53 w/ a high of 80 expected; humidity at only 77%.

This cold has been kicking my boo-tay w/ headache and fever. I slept for 2 days and feel better this morning. That is a very good thing as I am packing up to go pet nanny w/ Maggie Belle for 5 days/nights. She loves sleeping in the bed and that my serve us well as I feel some naps coming on!

Have a wonderful week!