All Appetizers, All Beverages, All the Time!                        (Appetizers and Beverages ONLY please. Thank you!)
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We LOVE appy's! Making, eating, serving; it's all about appy's. Since appy's and thirst quenchers go together we will also feature beverages. We will post all of our appy/beverage recipes here and hope that you will do the same. We will work to keep our recipes to appys/beverages ONLY. Please respect the integrity of the group and do not share recipes from other categories. We will work to keep the group active and open to all. Come on over and join the appy and beverages fun!
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Check out Ellen's video "I feel like dancin'" So much fun and what a great way to start the day! I have a Dr. appt. out of town and when I get back my sister and great-niece (5) will be here for a visit. YEA! I think that we will...
Please welcome Wendy. We are happy that you have joined us! You will love all the recipes; we have some excellent cooks and great people in our little group. So welcome in and make yourself to home. Someone is usually around if you want to chat.
Cindy Smith Bryson cindyluhoo - Yesterday at 7:39 AM
Let us all try to put a bit o' fun and chillaxing in our day! Sneak it in if you're busy w/ work today. You'll be glad you did. Especially YOU, Wiley! (you know why....!) Even if you just take 5 for a glass of lemonade between work projects. Cindy...
Im doing a lot of cooking today! Rain all day! But thats ok I enjoy the cooking. So time to come up with recipes using my leftovers, yesterday made my ham and lentil soups. Today so far put aside for lunch I made Low Carb Green Eggs & Ham-avocado deviled eggs So what is everybody else doing...
Cindy Smith Bryson cindyluhoo - Tuesday at 9:59 AM
Hope your weather is as good as ours! Let us know how your weather is shaping up; is your spring finally here?! After I finished my work yesterday I sat out in the sun. That Florida sunshine felt sooooo good and there was a nice breeze. I need to take...
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