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This is a group dedicated to the study and discussion of paranormal phenomena, both real and imagined. Do you have a story to tell about a ghostly encounter? A near-death experience? A haunted house? Have you been abducted by aliens? Just kidding on that one--well, maybe! This forum is open to any who would like to join and discuss such topics.
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Ellen Bales Starwriter - Sunday at 10:27 PM
In October, 1969, a man identified only as L.C. and his business associate, Charlie, were driving north from Abbeville, Louisiana, toward Lafayette on Highway 167. As they were driving along the nearly empty road, they began to overtake what appeared to be an antique car traveling very slowly. The two...
Ellen Bales Starwriter - Thursday at 3:34 AM
The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the world's most enduring mysteries. Sasquatch, D.B. Cooper, and a bottomless pit with supernatural powers all call Washington home, but one of the weirdest unsolved enigmas is that of Seattle's "haunted vending machine". It's a strange case that's been mystifying curious locals...
Ellen Bales Starwriter - Wednesday at 8:38 PM
Are any of you still watching? This week's episode contained a couple of shockers, in case you didn't see it. But I won't spoil it. Download it if you missed it. A real cliff-hanger!
Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - Mar 27, 2014
I have a couple of questions to ask.
1. Have you seen the show called Resurrections or Believe?
What do you think of them?
Ellen Bales Starwriter - Mar 26, 2014
A big warm welcome to Jan Adams! We are so glad you've joined our group, Jan. Please feel free to go back and read previous posts as you like. You are welcome to comment on any of them. And we would love to hear about any of your own paranormal...
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