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I was asked to head the kitchen at church.There are six other volunteers. We all LOVE to cook and entertain,but have little experience in cooking for large groups.This group is to help us and any one else to cook for a large group.Please share your ideas,recipes and what has worked(and not worked) for you cooking for groups.Also any questions you may have,we have a wealth of knowledge here,some very talented cooks who are always willing to help.So join us in this journey of cooking and serving.

Leanne D.
an Hour Ago

Sad News

I received a call from the church secretary, one of our church members passed, a young lady battling lupus.
She said the family requested cheese burgers for the repast if possible.She LOVED cheese burgers. They want to have more of a celebration of her life rather than a sad funeral and there will probably be a lot of young people.
I'm sure Ed will not have a problem cooking them,I think we will make an assembly line and add the toppings, lettuce,tomatoes,pickles & onions as each person goes down the line.And have a bowl of salad on each table, we are a little short on serving help right now especially if the service is on a week day.
I think maybe macaroni salad or coleslaw and roasted potato wedges to go with the lunch.
The KKs will make a few desserts but it has been my experience people usually bring desserts to a repast but because these are young people they may or may not bring anything.
I'm going to make German Chocolate brownies.
I hate that I must call my twins to tell them, they went to school with her and I know they knew her well.Maybe they will be able to come to the service if it's on a Saturday. Services haven't been made yet.

Leanne D.
Monday at 4:37 PM

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast menu will be quick & easy:
Teresa's Sausage Egg,& Cheese Super Breakfast Sandwich
Assorted Fruits
Hash Brown Patties
Orange Juice

Leanne D.
Monday at 2:59 PM

Sunday Breakfast Update

Everyone was happy to have pancakes yesterday,it's always a favorite.
Several people teased "It's about time!
They were tasty!

Leanne D.
Monday at 2:57 PM

Senior Lunch

Ed called me this morning and said he'd like to make chili for lunch Thursday,it's supposed to rain the rest of the week beginning tomorrow. Sounds great to me.We'll also serve :
Melanie's Southern Cornbread
Theresa G's Simple Coleslaw
Tiffany's Yellow Cake & Brownie Topped Cupcakes

Ed has his own chili recipe that I understand is delicious,whenever he makes it,he donates the ingredients AND cooks it! It sure smells good when he makes it!

Leanne D.
Friday at 1:04 PM

Senior Lunch Update

I'm sorry,I didn't post the menu before, but yesterday we celebrated St.Patrick's day with a delicious menu, everyone LOVED everything! Lot's of compliments!
We had Corn beef and cabbage. Ed added cabbage,onions, carrots and potatoes after the meat was just about done, everyone said the meat was so tender and the vegetables were really flavorful !
Sallye's Beer Bread Muffins,also a hit!
All Green Salad(Romaine & head lettuce, cucumbers,green onions & Green Goddess dressing)
Shamrock Shakes.Denise found a copycat recipe for McDonald's shamrock shakes, really easy .
In a blender, combine the vanilla ice cream, milk, green food coloring, and peppermint extract, and process until smooth, about 30 seconds. Pour the shake into a glass and top with the whipped cream and maraschino cherry.
Debbie's Brown sugar Shortbread Cookies-LOVED THESE! Ate more than my share !
Most of the seniors wore something green,Denise had cut out green leaves for those that didn't have green and pinned them on.
They had a great time telling stories of how they used to celebrate St.Patricks day when they were young.
The nurse was there with information about assorted Senior Citizen's classes and outings for the Spring and Summer.
The Minister came,he too said that was the best corn beef he's had in a long time!
The story teller was there he told a story about St Patrick .I think he added his spin to the story but it was great!
One of the Senior's sons retired from the city of Pasadena,he came & spoke to the Seniors of some programs that they may not be aware of, housing,tokens for free bus transportation, what discounts could be available for paying & reducing their utilities,ect.He also offered to help anyone fill out paperwork if needed. He asked if he could offer his services every other Thursday after lunch to help the Seniors with any questions they may have about different services, the Minister told him he was welcome and we welcomed him to come to lunch as well. he said he definitely will! He's a young Senior whose single and says he doesn't have home cooked meals often, he doesn't cook much for himself.
Everyone had a good day.

Leanne D.
Mar 10, 2017

Sunday Breakfast

Tonna's Breakfast Casserole
Fresh oranges, Grapefruits and Tangerines
Janet's Springtime Coffee Cake

My neighbor gave me a large bag of tangerines from his trees,I have a lot of oranges on my tree and Ed has a grapefruit tree(he doesn't eat grapefruits) so I though we'd make a medley of citrus fruits. should be quick & easy breakfast.

Leanne D.
Mar 9, 2017

Senior Lunch 3-9

Today on the menu was:
Sallye's Simple Roast Chicken
Amy's Scalloped Potatoes
Green Beans w/bacon
Debbie's fresh Summer Salad
Julia's Nilla Apple Crisp

Leanne D.
Mar 9, 2017

Back in the Kitchen !

It was so good to see the Seniors today! Everyone made me feel very welcomed! It was good to be back in the kitchen again too! Since Aunt Patsy came to stay with us,I thought I would not be able to be in the kitchen as much, that I needed to see after her but she quickly made friends, and was having a good time participating and not needing my help(sometimes she has trouble cutting her food as she has arthritis in her right hand) but we try to make sure all foods are cut into bitesize pieces. Any way, it was good to be in the kitchen.
All the Kitchen Katerers have been doing a wonderful job since I've been gone!
Ed's neighbor, a young man that goes to school part time has been helping cleaning in the kitchen.
Randy was lucky enough to find a job right away, so he helps only on Sundays now. Craig has been a big help,although he is looking for a paying job.
Denise and Ed are doing the cooking,Denise is doing the shopping,Ed has always said he is not a good shopper. Jessie had been a great help with getting everyone organized and menu planning although she says she doesn't like the menu planning.What! that's my favorite! Anyway,she does what she can(and then some) I understand she made cookies one day for the Seniors to take home for Valentine's Day. I'll have to speak to her about that! LOL! she says she feels good.
Hallie has always said she's not much of a cook, but she's been making the salads, serving and helping to keep the kitchen clean.
While I was gone,my sister would usually drop Aunt Patsy @ the lunch and pick her up but a few times she stayed and helped to serve.I've been trying to get her to come every Thursday but she's not interested.I remind her she's a senior,she should come to lunch anyway.