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I was asked to head the kitchen at church.There are six other volunteers. We all LOVE to cook and entertain,but have little experience in cooking for large groups.This group is to help us and any one else to cook for a large group.Please share your ideas,recipes and what has worked(and not worked) for you cooking for groups.Also any questions you may have,we have a wealth of knowledge here,some very talented cooks who are always willing to help.So join us in this journey of cooking and serving.

Leanne D.
8 Hours Ago

Sunday Breakfast

Thank you Andy for giving me inspiration for next Sunday's breakfast!
Andy's On the Fly Breakfast Casserole w/Mushrooms
Smoked Turkey Sausage
Breakfast Potatoes
Amy's Fried Apples
Tea Milk
Orange Juice

Leanne D.
Friday at 10:27 AM

Senior Lunch Update

We had a wonderful time @ the Senior Lunch yesterday! Everybody enjoyed the lunch, the Seniors are like small children,they really like to have individual items, and meatloaf seems to be a favorite!
The nurse came, took blood pressures and checked blood sugar of anyone who wanted,she gave them a few new chair exercises, they like the exercises very much.
The story teller came, telling more Halloween,scary stories.
And the Minister had lunch with us,he was very happy to join us,usually he's visiting the hospital near the time we serve and doesn't make it back in time.We teased him that he just wanted to play Bingo.
We introduced Bingo and several Seniors were excited to play, some said they hadn't played Bingo in 40 yrs!
Randy volunteered to be the caller, he has a sense of humor and made it fun, we had about 10 Seniors to play,a few others had rides, so they had to go but some said they would have their rides come later.. next week so they could play.It was a lot of fun. P
poor Randy had to really yell, some of our Seniors are hard of hearing!
Denise made jumbo pumpkin muffins as the prize.The winners were so HAPPY!
The nurse thought Bingo was great to get the Seniors excited about something new.

Leanne D.
Friday at 10:04 AM


Let's all wish Sharon a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!! I wish you all your dreams come true, and lot's of cake &ice cream!! Have a Wonderful Day!

Leanne D.
Tuesday at 8:37 PM

Senior Lunch

On Thursday,we are having:
Meatloaf Cupcakes,using Debbie Family Style Recipe. We make the meat loaves and bake them in jumbo muffin tins, frosted with Amber Watt's Homemade Mashed Taters Recipe,Amy's Green Bean Almondine Recipe and Melanie's Tomato & Cucumber Basil Salad. Dessert will be J's Super Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Leanne D.
Sunday, October 16 at 6:04 PM

Breakfast Update

Sunday Breakfast went well today except Stephanie did the shopping by herself and forgot to buy sweet potatoes, so we didn't have the sweet potato coffeecake, Thankfully Jessie had enough ingredients to make 2 more sour cream coffeecakes than she planned.Denise helped her make the extras, that's one of the many things I LOVE about the KKs,they jump in and help each other whenever it's needed! I told Stephanie I was going to fire her!,that's another thing I LOVE she said "just try it"! she knows I was teasing,I couldn't manage without her!
But everyone enjoyed breakfast,I was happy the cantaloupes were sweet and juicy,I don't eat any melons but several people said they were really good,I usually buy fruit only in season but they were on sale and we had some at home,Aunt Patsy said they were still sweet.
The sour cream coffee cake was well received as usual, we've served it several times before and everyone always loves it, it's so moist and tasty.Sometimes when I make it at home,I add fruit to it, apples,peaches and it's really good that way as well.Next time I'm going to try pineapple, my Grandmother used to make a delicious pineapple coffeecake with cream cheese so that should be good as well.
The frittata was very popular,several people had seconds.
It was a good morning!

Leanne D.
Friday, October 14 at 1:07 AM

Sunday Breakfast

This Sunday,we will serve:
Robin's Sunday Brunch Fritatta
Chilled Cantaloupe
Renee's Sour cream Coffeecake
My Sweet Potato Coffeecake
Tea Milk
Orange & Apple Juice

Leanne D.
Friday, October 14 at 1:01 AM

Senior Lunch Update

We had a good time today.We had our usual activities, the nurse came, the story teller, the choir director came so we had music.The story teller was there, telling scary stories .
Even though we do pretty much the same activities each week the Seniors always tell me they had a good time and enjoyed themselves,they always say they look forward to Thursdays.
Anyone have any ideas for some activities Seniors might enjoy?
The movie idea didn't go over well, nor did crafts.
I asked my Aunt if she had any ideas, she said"I"m enjoying the music and listening to the stories,that's fun for me! And of course, the food is always good"
I just don't want anyone to get bored.

Leanne D.
Oct 9, 2016

Bake Sale Oct 29th

The Kitchen Katers will be having a bake sale the Saturday before Halloween. I'm so pleased all the KKS are participating!
Ed always says he can't bake so he volunteered to make apple cider.
Even Randy says he can make rice krispy treats, he says"I'm going to make them fancy",we all asked how? he's dipping them halfway in chocolate!
Cynthia says she makes "a mean pumpkin cookie".
Jessie of course is on pie duty, she says she'd like to make hand pies or turnovers.
I have my Grandmother's recipe for caramel corn,I'll post the recipe if I haven't already.

Hallie-Orange cupcakes w/chocolate frosting
Debbie & Lois-Caramel Apples
Jessie-Apple Hand Pies
Denise-Mini Sweet Potato Pies
Ed-Apple Cider Punch
Stephanie-Spice Doughnut Holes
Cynthia-Pumpkin Cookies
Randy-Rice Krispy Treats
Me-Caramel Corn