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I was asked to head the kitchen at church.There are six other volunteers. We all LOVE to cook and entertain,but have little experience in cooking for large groups.This group is to help us and any one else to cook for a large group.Please share your ideas,recipes and what has worked(and not worked) for you cooking for groups.Also any questions you may have,we have a wealth of knowledge here,some very talented cooks who are always willing to help.So join us in this journey of cooking and serving.

Leanne D.
37 Minutes Ago

Senior Lunch

Tomorrow we're serving a Mexican Senior lunch.I remember last Cinco de Mayo,everyone enjoyed the Mexican lunch we prepared.
Denise's Tortilla Soup
Bob's Cream Chicken Enchiladas Verdes
Juliann's Mexican Rice
Martha's Pinto Beans
Sallye's Flan Bundt Cake

Leanne D.
18 Hours Ago

New Talking with the Minister 2017

I think I have included all the KK for the Minister's Talk for this year.I notice there are several KKs with no recipe posted ,please add your recipes and let's get started for 2017 ! If you have been missed, or notice someone was missing, please please let me know.It is not intentional .Next yr, the talks will be later in the evening, giving folks time to have dinner and they will be on Fridays,the minister is hoping more people will come if they aren't working the next day. We'll will go back to serving dessert and coffee. as we did in the beginning.

Leanne D.
Yesterday at 3:55 PM


Tonight we will serve:
Teresa G's Semi Homemade Creamy Chicken Soup
J White's Apple Cheddar Quesadillas
Robin's Easy Does it Brownies

Leanne D.
Saturday at 6:32 PM

Birthday Lunch Update

We had a good time last Thursday.
Jessie was able to come, she had a hard time just being a guest and not in the kitchen.We wouldn't let her do anything. She and her friend enjoyed lunch very much,Her friend has visited us before but not for a birthday, she said you all know how to party!
The choir director was there ,we had a lot of music.the Seniors LOVE music!
The minister came ,he visited Ed in the hospital and said he is doing well.He should be home next week.
We played Bingo,everyone had a good time, we had two winners,Denise had made three fruit baskets for prizes, the winners were very happy with their prizes, the baskets were really nice!
Lunch was Delicious!
The soup was perfect,on a cold and windy day. Delicious!
Everyone raved over the roast,I hadn't baked a roast in a long time, it smelled very good ,I LOVE the smell of garlic cooking,I cooked the noodles in beef broth lot's of compliments.
Stephanie added dill to the green peas, they were very good.
I really enjoyed the Ambrosia cake, we have served it before ,so moist!
I didn't taste the Mississippi cake, it went fast ! Jessie's birthday is this month, chocolate is her favorite, she had a slice at lunch and took some home.

Leanne D.
Saturday at 5:34 PM

Sunday Breakfast

Breakfast Menu tomorrow will be:
Linda's Refrigerator Hash (we'll use bacon instead of pork)
Sourdough Toast
Andy's Scrambled Eggs with Green onions
Sliced Pears & Pineapple
Orange Juice

Leanne D.
Wednesday, November 30 at 10:25 AM

Jessie & Ed:Good News & Good News!

Good News! Jessie is coming home today! She says she feels great! I'm going to make some vegetable beef soup, cornbread scones, salad and sweet potato cup cake for her & her friend's dinner later this afternoon.
Good News! Ed is doing well! He should be in the hospital a few more days, doctor says they removed all the cancer and feels he has a great chance of complete recovery, he was having some digestive issues yesterday but that has cleared up.He says he feels good.
God is Good!

Leanne D.
Monday, November 28 at 10:39 PM

Just for Fun!

For me,it would be Lima beans.

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Leanne D.
Monday, November 28 at 8:54 PM

Seniors New Year's Lunch

We are serving a "Symbolic"New Year's Lunch:
Eating 12 grapes is said to be a ritual to guarantee sweetness and fortune in the year ahead.
Black eye Peas are eaten to bring good fortune.
Greens are eaten to bring money into the New Year.
Round fruits are believed to bring a prosperous New Years we'll serve oranges.
Also having Fried Catfish(since fish swim forward & the scales symbolize silver.
This is all in good fun,I don't believe in these rituals but I know a lot of people who do.

12 Grapes & Sliced Oranges
Fried Catfish
Collard Greens
Black Eye Peas
Cornbread Muffins
Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream