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I was asked to head the kitchen at church.There are six other volunteers. We all LOVE to cook and entertain,but have little experience in cooking for large groups.This group is to help us and any one else to cook for a large group.Please share your ideas,recipes and what has worked(and not worked) for you cooking for groups.Also any questions you may have,we have a wealth of knowledge here,some very talented cooks who are always willing to help.So join us in this journey of cooking and serving.

sallye bates
Friday at 5:40 PM

Message from Leanne

Leanne D. - 3 Hours Ago
Oh Sallye,Thank you so much for your concern! I really appreciate it but didn't mean to alarm you! So much has been going on,I haven't had a chance to go online.I thought I sent you a message yesterday but when I checked today, it looks like I may not have sent it ! Stress,Senility,I don't know!
Anyway, long stories short. My oldest son thought he had the flu. Stomach pains,vomiting,etc.Turns out,he had appenticitis,his roommate called us to say he took him to the ER,we were practically on the next flight to Seattle.The surgery went fine but the next day he had a fever, the first antibiotic wasn't working, it took a few days to find the correct one, he's finally home and I'm so grateful! He's feeling great but he's sleeping a lot and tires easily, the Dr said he'd be back 100 % in a few weeks, he's anemic. So I've been cooking as many iron rich foods as I can,thankfully his appetite is back! His Dr referred him to a nutritionist,he was supposed to have an appointment today, but it was cancelled, now it's on Thursday,my son is vegetarian and he's probably not getting enough nutrients,I could tell since Christmas,he has lost a few pounds. My husband just went home last week, the twins came up a few weekends. I'm staying until the Dr.releases him.He & his friends seem to be enjoying my company & food, they have been great, keeping him up on his studies. This started several weeks ago.
At home,Stephanie's husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, they are devastated to say the least but both are being brave.I feel so bad I'm not there for them.Stephanie keeps telling me they are ok but I wish I could be with them both.My husband went to see them when he got home, he said they care putting on a brave face, he spoke to James and he's more worried about Stephanie than himself.
Thankfully,my sister has been staying at our house with Aunt Patsy,he son & daughter in law work M-F,but they have been coming on the weekends so my sister can go home.Aunt Patsy has a cold but she's fine.
I told Ed not to worry about the Senior lunches and Sunday breakfast, people will understand.But he's a trouper, they are continuing! He & Denise are doing most of the cooking but everyone is helping as much as they can, Eric has came in to help on Thursdays.Ed said Jessie is getting everyone organized without doing any work .Ed says even the Minister & the nurse are helping to serve lunch ! And the minister's wife made cookies one day, he says they are serving very simple meals, serving later than usual but the seniors don't mind .They have been having a special prayer time for us at the lunches. Amazing folks!
So, that's whats up here. Would you mind letting the JAP KKs know what's going on? And tell them Thank you for their concern as well,I will try to post in the next few days, my husband & the twins are coming this weekend .I'm should be online more often now that my son is home, the reception @ the hospital wasn't very good,I gave up trying to go online there. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Julia Ferguson
Tuesday at 5:28 PM

Where are the Kitchen Katerers?

Has anyone noticed, Leanne and The Kitchen Katerers have not made a comment in the last couple of weeks? I hope everyone is well and doing fine. Love Y'all and miss seeing your posts.

Leanne D.
Jan 20, 2017

Senior Lunch Update

Tasha Kaye's Healing Vegetable Soup
Julia's Swiss Steak
Gail Welch's Basic Mashed Potatoes
Maria's Greek Dill Peas,Potatoes & Carrots (minus the potatoes)
Debbie's Nannie's Brownies

Lunch yesterday was great Everyone was there.

We had music, which the Seniors always like.
The nurse was here, taking blood pressure and checking blood sugar for those who wanted it done.She had some new exercises, some stretches, most of the Seniors tried them.
The story teller came, he told a story about himself when he was a little boy and stope candy from the local store, his Grandfather found out and the lesson he learned about not stealing.It was very heartfelt, he's such a passionate man.
The Minister was there, he had fun stories about the baby and his feelings about the new baby coming!
The food was great! We served some new dishes and old dishes, all were enjoyed!
I was surprised so many came to lunch, it was really cold and rained in the afternoon. Good to see everyone .

Leanne D.
Jan 18, 2017


Hi Dixie! Thank you for joining us! We are HAPPY to have you! Please jump right in sharing your ideas & recipes or serving large groups.We have a WONDERFUL group of people from the North,South,East & West that share their delicious recipes and suggestions to serve a Senior lunch every Thursday and Sunday Breakfast every week.We also serve bereavement dinners, fund raising meals and bake sales, so don't be shy!

Leanne D.
Jan 16, 2017

Sunday Breakfast Jan.22

Wallace's Oatmeal Pancakes (always popular)
Buttermilk Pancakes
Peach Pancake Topping
Amy's Butter Pecan Syrup Sounds good Amy!)
Maple Syrup
Scrambled Eggs
Hot Chocolate

Leanne D.
Jan 16, 2017

Senior Lunch January 19

Tasha Kaye's Healing Vegetable Soup
Julia's Swiss Steak
Gail Welch's Basic Mashed Potatoes
Maria's Greek Dill Peas,Potatoes & Carrots (minus the potatoes)
Debbie's Nannie's Brownies

sallye bates
Jan 16, 2017

Nostalgic Music

Click on the link to hear Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" honoring Princess Diana

Leanne D.
Jan 16, 2017

Bereavement Lunch

The lunch we served today went well.There were a lot of people.
We had plenty of food,an abundance of desserts left over,I find most people bring desserts to a bereavement dinner, if anything. We put all the desserts out,of course, the homemade ones go first. We boxed up the remaining desserts and the one sheet of leftover chicken & vegetables and gave it to the family,they appreciated it.
Ed did a wonderful job with the sheet pan chicken and vegetables ,the chicken was a nice golden, crispy brown and the vegetables were charred in places, he decided to cook the chicken, potatoes and vegetables on one tray,didn''t appear to be greasy at all, I didn't eat any, but Stephanie and Denise said it was delicious.
Denise made apple pies
Debbie came by ,but didn't stay she brought a huge green salad,she knows the family well and wanted to do something
Cynthia & Randy made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,Randy was very proud of himself, he made the frosting ,Cynthia said she made cupcakes because she was afraid a cake might not be very pretty,I told her whatever works, and they must have worked, they were all eaten!
Hallie made a Texas sheet cake
Stephanie made Banana Pudding
Lois made Pound Cakes
I made the Four Layer Dessert
Ed brought a white sheet cake(he said he didn't want to mess up a dessert for this occasion & just bought a cake from Costco)