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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...


rainy day blues

By Diane C.
3 Hours Ago
We had yet another day of heavy rain and storms. So I took the easy way out and made my Bison Burgers and Bacon Crusted Mac n' Cheese.

Dinner for today

By Patricia Juengling
7 Hours Ago
We had fried chicken, Mom's Potato Salad (she devised this recipe over 60 years ago and she and I have given this recipe out countless times...I've never seen another quite like it and it has been a prize winner in several contests, will post recipe sometime in next few days), and sweet corn I put up and froze last summer

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By Cassie *
9 Hours Ago
Awesome Shrimp Croissants...fantastic...I will triple next time...they we're disappointed that I didn't have more. I enjoyed mine on a bed of lettuce. Yum!

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Trying to "perfect" (for me) oven potato chips

By Heidi Hoerman
10 Hours Ago
A good summer holiday night for hot dogs, coleslaw and potato chips in front of the ball game. I' m trying yet another way to make potato chips (in my oven on my pans). I'll let you all know how it works out and put in a recipe if it really does work.

Caprese salad with the first tomato from my garden, steak and more of the macaroni salad

By Diana Perry
12 Hours Ago
Saw local store had rib eye steaks on sale for $8.99 so I took lunch break to the store, not the pool. They're in the fridge with a dry rub now.
We will probably still be eating macaroni salad tomorrow! This experiment has played havoc with my low carb diet!

Supper tonight...

By Elaine Bovender
12 Hours Ago
I bought some fresh white corn on the cob, I have some fresh collard greens in the fridge that I already cooked, so I just have to heat them up, some cubed pork that I'll probably fry up (hubby's favorite way) and for dessert I bought some fresh local strawberries and I just put the cake in the oven, YUMMERS! Old-Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake

An Awesome Dip

By Cassie *
12 Hours Ago
If you like Feta and are looking for a delicious dip..try this one...delish! I can't keep my troops out of it...lol ~ My Best Greek Dip ~

Memorial Day

By Leanne D.
18 Hours Ago
My husband and I fell asleep early after a long day,now we're both wide awake @ 4 a.m. He just said to me " maybe we should have a BBQ as we always do". WHAT? Has he been talking to my sister??? NOW he says something? I thought he was on board with having something different! I've already done the shopping for the sandwich bar. So,I said,if you cook the meat,we'll change the menu. I already have macaroni salad ingredients and we can have the same dessert and drinks,but what am I going to do with all the meats and cheeses? and the sandwich breads?
Guess I got my second wind because I'm up making the macaroni salad and cookies,we'll wait till 6 to go to the store, hopefully we will find some decent meat to BBQ,I need to get beans for baked beans,so now the menu will be ribs,chicken,(maybe) hamburgers,hot dogs,hot links,macaroni salad,baked beans,roasted corn on the cob,watermelon,garlic bread ,lemonade,chips(I'll get dip for appetizers) and the vegetable sticks,peppers,pickles,olives,deviled eggs for appetizers also.And Ice tea,lemonade and make your own sundaes and brown sugar cookies Brown Sugar Drop Cookies for dessert.