What's Cookin' Today?

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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Brandy Male
18 Hours Ago

Crock pot Chicken and Dressing /side veggies

Made yesterday because to me it taste better 2nd day.
Resting today and hanging out at home..feel nice the weather went form 80 to 30 overnight. That is Oklahoma for you.

sallye bates
20 Hours Ago

Something simple

Since my stomach is and has been virtually emptied out the last 3 days, nothing even sounds good.

But I'm going to make

Soft scrambled eggs
flour tortillas
frozen diced hash browns

to make breakfast tacos.

I think that's all I can handle today; I don't even know if my son is ready for that yet.

Leanne D.
Yesterday at 8:17 PM


The guys took me to dinner! we had a great time .Pizza! I had the best smoked salmon pizza, wonderful kale salad.We also had some awesome cinnamon rolls for dessert! These guys are great! They asked me to adopt them,I now have 7 sons !

Yesterday at 7:16 PM


We are cleaning out the fridge a bit tonight. I cooked a couple of great things this week so DH ate them up tonight. I ended up eating my leftovers from the Mexican and Afghan restaurants we visited this week! I WAS going to make fried chicken and mashed potatoes...the day got away from me! Oh well...
Tomorrow is another day and DD31 birthday. We are having Marco Polo; a dish that she has loved since she was little. I will have to see if I ever posted that oldie!
Have a great night!

Ellen Bales
Yesterday at 5:37 PM


I feel like I've been cooking all week, so tonight I'm taking the day off. We're going out--just something simple like sandwiches. I did make one thing this afternoon--dessert. I made a Cherry Chocolate Pie. It's a very easy recipe which I will post later.

Heidi Hoerman
Saturday at 5:04 PM

Tuna chunks, sweet potato gnocchi, lemon, sage, etc.

Going to poach tuna chunks in oil but will add some sage leaves and lemon zest. Sweet potato gnocchi beg for sage butter. Now I just need something less oily to go with. Maybe a parsley-pepper-olive-caper relish?

Moist Well-Done Tuna (Braised in Oil)

Diane C.
Saturday at 4:50 PM

bison chili

Sis is making bison chili. Sis is notorious for making what she calls chili. We, DH and I, refer to it as Flameless chili. She usually just adds garlic, onion and a minimum of chili powder. She wanted to add some more seasonings to it. I showed her a recipe and then pulled out the spices. I told her to sniff them and decide which ones she wanted. She didn't measure, just sprinkled this and that in the slow cooker. She didn't take notes either. Sis and I tasted the chili and it does have more flavor than her usual recipe. I might have some for lunch tomorrow.
DH and I have plans to out for dinner tonight.