What's Cookin' Today?

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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...


Weekend Yummies

By Stephanie L.
11 Hours Ago
Tonight my husband and I are going out to dinner with my brother and sister-in law to celebrate their 29th anniversary.I made a coconut cake(their favorite) to take to the restaurant(they don't know it) we'll get there earlier and the restaurant said they would refrigerate it and serve it.

I'm making bacon,eggs,grits and toast for breakfast. I'm making a chicken stew for lunch.

I've invited Leanne and her husband for dinner tomorrow after church.We all love seafood,so I thought I'd make a seafood boil with crawfish, lobster, clams and shrimp,potatoes,corn & onions.I'm going to serve this with french bread and a green salad. Tangy lemon pound cake and rainbow sherbet for dessert.

I've got a church dinner tomorrow so...

By Elaine Bovender
11 Hours Ago
I'm cooking a double batch of fresh collard greens and a double batch of corn casserole, YUMMERS. I thought about making a dessert too, but I think that they will probably have enough of those. The church is providing the meat and rolls, so I think it's going to be a good meal and great fellowship. Have a wonderful weekend! :) Fresh Country Collard Greens

Not cooking tonite!

11 Hours Ago
Oldest daughter invited us over for dinner. She's cooking! Think I'll enjoy a cocktail & watch! LOL!

Wagyu burger

By Noreen Mic D
13 Hours Ago
Going to Capital Grill for Wagu and Wine later

Date Night Tonight =)

By Family Favorites
Yesterday at 4:19 PM
No cooking for me. Although tomorrow is bread baking day! =)


By Vickie H
Yesterday at 4:14 PM
Corn dogs and cheesy fries. Rough day at work.


By Ellen Bales
Yesterday at 1:55 PM
Tonight I'll be making ELLEN'S CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN, which I will be posting the recipe for as soon as I make it and take pictures. Also having mashed potatoes and gravy, and EASIEST CHEESIEST CAULIFLOWER. For dessert: some leftover--still fresh--ELLEN'S SMOKIN' BLUEBERRY COFFEE CAKE.

Boy, do I spoil that man!

Dinner Tonight

By Stephanie L.
Yesterday at 1:51 PM
I'm having a colorful dinner tonight.I'm cooking fried corn,braised red cabbage,roast chicken and sliced tomatoes.
I never cooked red cabbage until I went to Leanne's for dinner about 10 years ago.I thought what on earth is that? My husband asked what it was(I was just going to taste it) I never heard of cooking red cabbage,I used it in coleslaw and that was about it.It was so delicious,it was actually meaty tasting! I've cooked it ever since and my family now loves it too! It's so good for you too.
Our local store had fresh corn 4/.99 it's probably a little early but I thought I would try it. I 'm going to roast 2 chickens so we'll have something quick to eat tomorrow.