What's Cookin' Today?

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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...


What's Cookin' today? That danged turkey if it's thawed yet!

By Heidi Hoerman
17 Hours Ago
Today, the turkey will have been in the bottom of the fridge for one week. It should definitely be thawed by now! My aim is to have it done ahead so Bill and I can sit and enjoy it during the Lions game.

Most Items Prepped

By Julia Ferguson
20 Hours Ago
I have been preparing over the last two weeks. Cooked fresh Green Beans and stewed a chicken, for Chicken and Noodles a week ago last Friday, and put them in the freezer. One day last week, made Cornbread Dressing and Cranberry Orange Relish, and put those in freezer as well. Sunday afternoon, made Candied Sweet Potatoes, and a Pumpkin Cheesecake, you guessed it, in the freezer they went. Yesterday, I cleaned the veggies for the Relish Tray, cleaned house and made last run to grocery before T-day. Today the rolls will rise (hopefully) and baked off, cherry jello will be made, to which crushed pineapple and the Canberry Orange Relish will be added, the Turkey will be cleaned and seasoned, for roasting tomorrow. Tomorrow, the relish tray will be assembled, mashed potatoes will be cooked and mashed, dressing and sweet potatoes will be baked, green beans will be reheated and rolls warmed. I just hope nothing is forgotten and left in the freezer. Thank goodess for To Do Lists.

It's Crunch Time

By Andy Anderson !
22 Hours Ago
Primary thing today is baking... Two pumpkin cheesecakes, two pecan pies, cookies, and breads.

I've got about a dozen turkeys to take out of the brine and let air dry for my clients. I brine 'em, stuff 'em, prep 'em, and they cook 'em and take the credit :-)

I'll probably assemble the casseroles and store them for baking tomorrow.

Been up since about 3:30a. As corny as this sounds, I love spending a day in the kitchen.

It's still a bit of time before the sun makes his daily appearance, and the temp outside is 56f (13c). I've got the windows open in the kitchen, and with all the ovens going, it's good to feel an occasional breath of cool air... smells like rain.

So, what's everyone cooking today?

Pre-Thanksgiving Prep

By Pamela Rappaport
22 Hours Ago
Today I am in prep mode for tomorrow's casseroles. Cooking the carrots for Picadilly's Carrot Souffle and making the mashed potatoes and blanching the green beans for Green Bean and Potato Casserole I use my own mashed potatoes recipe without all the goat cheese and stuff called for, but I do make the green beans and sauce as listed. I'll Also mix together the Hominy and Corn Casserole Lastly I plan to unwrap the turkey and rub it well with salt so that it has time to soak into the meat. Better get started!


By sallye bates
23 Hours Ago
Last night I made:


Wiley's Spring Hill Ranch's Apple Cake

I may have to fight my son to keep him from sampling before tomorrow. He is a big fan of Wiley's apple cake.

Today I will make the stuffing GOLDIE'S CORNBREAD STUFFING (SALLYE) and place it in the fridge so the ingredients and spices can fuze.

I will also make 2 or 3 batches of rolls using this recipe CLASSIC WHITE BREAD (SALLYE) and put them in an airtight container so we can just heat them up for 20 to 30 seconds in the microwave tomorrow.

Early tomorrow morning I will put Big Bird in the oven to cook.

busy baking day

By Nelda Carnley
24 Hours Ago
Today I will be baking for tomorrow I am cooking a butternut cake, cream cheese pound cake, peanut butter cake and a pumpkin pie.

Delicious Chive Potato Cakes

By Jane Kaylie
Yesterday at 12:37 AM
Enjoy the full recipe with details @ goo.gl/xcfmOX

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