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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Family Favorites
Yesterday at 5:58 PM

My Tuna Casserole Tonight...

Love this tuna casserole. So creamy and good! A nice tossed salad with our family's favorite salad dressing makes for an easy meal.

Tuna Noodle Casserole (Toss Your Old Recipe! :) )

Fifth Generation Salad Dressing- A Family Secret..

Leanne D.
Yesterday at 5:00 PM


Today is a nice cool day.I'm making Olive Garden's Copycat Minestrone Soup recipe by Patsy G! and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.This has become my favorite Minestrone soup
recipe,I think it's better than Olive Garden's!And there's leftover dump cake if anyone wants dessert.

Diane C.
Yesterday at 4:47 PM

leftovers redux

I have some mac 'n cheese left from the other night. I'm thawing a smoked sausage. I'm going to fry the sausage and stir it into the mac n cheese. Make some broccoli for a side. Maybe I'll add some sauteed onion and bacon bits to the mac 'n cheese. Kick it up a bit.

Debbie Sue
Yesterday at 3:58 PM

Here's a nice little Autumn treat!

I have been craving Cranberry Oat Snack Mix!
Finally got the ingredients, and put it together today! It's so yummy!

Jean Fisher
Yesterday at 3:02 PM

Made A Roast

Cool enough to start the oven. Had a delicious beef roast with carrots, sweet potatoes and white potatoes and gravy.

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Leanne D.
Monday at 10:11 AM


We woke up to thundering and rain this morning! I'm always so excited when it rains because we don't get much rain, everything is so dry here.
I also woke up hungry! I made biscuits, scrambled eggs, rice and bacon for the hubby & aunt. I love biscuits and rice for breakfast.

Louise Jacobs
Monday at 7:58 AM

For dinner last night

We had our Chinese dinner, last night. It was so good. Linda made Egg drop soup, and it was so yummy. It didn't take long to fix, only about 20 minutes. She also fixed something with rice noodles( I think that's what she called the noodles). and some pansy stuff( can't really recall the name). Ginger made egg rolls(pork). And I made beef stir fry. She also had some Yum yum sauce. OMG!! Everything was to die for, so delicious!! Linda is such a good cook. Her and Ginger was talking that next Sunday, we were gonna have Mexican. I didn't really have Chinese before. Tony didn't like that. He always said" You eat that stuff, and in an hour, you will be starving". But I wasn't. In fact, I am still kinda full, from last night.
Tonight, I am gonna have meatloaf. I haven't fixed it, since Tony passed away.