What's Cookin' Today?

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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Monday's Meal :)

By Debbie Sue
28 Minutes Ago
Tonight we are having:
Mighty Tasty Mac and Beef
and a nice big salad!!! Yum!

A Delicious Butternut Recipe

By Cassie *
35 Minutes Ago
My family fell in love with. Will post recipe when I get a chance. So good!

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By Ellen Bales
60 Minutes Ago
Tonight I'll be making my EASIEST CHEESIEST CAULIFLOWER. We had this often when I was growing up and it has always been one of my very favorite dishes.

Baking muffins

By Jean Fisher
3 Hours Ago
Made some yummy Brownie Muffins. Chocolate brownie muffins

Awesome dinner

By shawn eide
16 Hours Ago
Went fishing for walleye today, so had fresh fish, tomatoes, cukes, corn on the cob and potatoes all out of the garden. Can't beat that, was awesome


By Cindy Rice
17 Hours Ago
I made this tonight..couldn't even wait for it to cool..I dare say it may be gone tomorrow morning...lol..couldn't even wait for it to cool..at all..well..5 min. Just long enough to invert onto plate lol..
This is my pineapple upside down cake..not the recipe that I'm still searching for that I used to have..but equally as deliscious ..:)

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By Millie Johnson
17 Hours Ago
I made Elaine's Moist and Rich Fudgy Cocoa Brownies tonight and they are then bomb ! I did add in some semi-sweet chocolate chips that had gotten hot and morphed into one solid mass. I've been shaving on that chunk for a while, lol.

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

By Cassie *
18 Hours Ago
Made these babies last night...not a one left. Had to give some away to get them out of the house. LOL This is the plate I took to mom.

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