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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Millie Johnson
10 Hours Ago

Breakfast for Supper

Making fried eggs, homefries, bacon, biscuits and Pawpaw's Bacon Gravy for supper tonight. Easy peasy !

Heidi Hoerman
10 Hours Ago

Toasted sweet potato gnocchi with mushrooms and ham, slaw on the side

Adapting this recipe to my sweet potato gnocchi from the freezer, a bit of picnic ham pretending to be bacon and shallots pretending to be green onions. adorefoods.com/toasted-gnocchi-saute...

The slaw of napa and cilantro in a lime-based dressing did such a good job of being a side for Mexicanish food, tonight will be a similar slaw of napa and flat-leafed parsley in something pretending to be an Italianate slaw.

Diana Perry
11 Hours Ago

Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes & green beans!

One again in my effort to pump up my husbands blood count I'm going to beef. My sister is coming over & she can everything in sight, so she won't be worried about the carbs. I'm doing a simple angel food cake with strawberries for dessert. I make a few changes to Millie's recipe, but these are my families favorite of any recipe I've tried for Salisbury steak.

Salisbury Steak, Millie's

Debbie Sue
11 Hours Ago

Tonight's gonna be JAWS!

Not really JAWS, but the catch of the day! Black Tip Shark on the grill!

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Family Favorites
15 Hours Ago

Mmmmmm... Smells Like Thanksgiving! =)

Busy morning in my kitchen today. I found beautiful, fresh turkey on sale yesterday, so I've got it roasting away and the house smells amazing! I also made a big pot of my favorite rice pilaf to serve tonight and to also have for a quick and easy meatless lunch or a quick side dish with grilled shrimp later in the week.

Nothing better than the smell of a well-seasoned, slowly roasting turkey. =)

Rice Pilaf With Pasta

Cindy Smith Bryson
Yesterday at 6:32 PM

Dinnertime is over

It was hot here today.

Sitting on screened porch w a nice long and cool G & T. Ahhhhh........

Diane C.
Yesterday at 6:20 PM

pasta on Sunday

I just pulled a sour cream pound cake out of the oven. I've got fresh sliced strawberries to top it. I put a pan of stuffed shells in the oven to heat through. Garlic bread will be next on the roster. A nice green salad to round it out and Voila! Sunday dinner.

Family Favorites
Yesterday at 4:40 PM

Enchilada Supreme

A local restaurant offers a dish on their menu called "Enchilada Supreme" that I love; one beef, one chicken, one bean and one cheese enchilada. So, since we are in the middle of an ice storm, I made the meal here. Fresh fruit for dessert. I don't think I'll feel the need to eat again for a very long while. lol

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