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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Leanne D.
11 Hours Ago

Back to Reality!

Tomorrow,I will be back to reality,lol! back to cooking meals,my husband and sons will be back.They do not like salads or sandwiches for dinner even though I add meat,cheese or beans.They will say,"yes,it's k"but I know they would rather have a meal.Tomorrow,I'm going to make tostadas,that's not too bad and they will like that.I'll put the beans in the crock pot tonight and stew a chicken in the morning,add some tomatillos,onions an peppers.I'll muster up enough energy to make rice.After that,I'll need to do some grocery shopping.

Cindy Rice
13 Hours Ago

Catch up time..AGAIN..lol

On Tuesday I made 3 apple pies, all scratch..all apples I peeled were 55.. Total
Apples I peeled cored and sliced were 40 out of the 55.. All three pies gone..cored and sliced the last 16 apples that I didn't do on Tuesday, this afternoon..made my pie filling, and put in fridge for overnight:)
Will probably make the pie crusts tomorrow as I don't think the butter will soften enough anytime soon for my pie crust..:( good for me , not so much for my 12 yr old son( who doesn't need it but really loves it..lol),
On Wednesday I made my home made brownies..they are also gone..2 panda worth..and last night I made a home carrot cake with cream cheese frosting..not my recipe but very good..:) Saturday I made a summer sausage stir fry with celery, bokchoy, onions and mushrooms and various spices, with vegetable stock, and a bit of duck sauce( duck sauce, compliments of out local Chinese restaurant..lol..leftovers),
And a I made a carmelize day onion and shredded potatoe omelette with pepper jack cheese..
Served the stir fry over the omelette..
Not bad..any way you choose to eat them..plain or together..;)
Brought leftovers home from work..and we have nibbled on that today and had carrot cake too..;)
Leftover from work: potatoe salad , grilled chicken and pork tenderloin( yummy on that), and a salad ..also brought some pork home, but was tough..flavor was great but too tough..
Some onion, and mushroom Mac n cheese..so no cooking today:)

Diane C.
13 Hours Ago

Thank You

I just want to say Thank You to the Kitchen Crew for featuring my Homemade Pigs in a Blanket on the Homepage for National Hot Dog Day. It was pinched about 500 times! Thank You so much!

Diane C.
13 Hours Ago


I thawed a couple slices of ham. I have scalloped potatoes in the oven. I'll make a salad tonight for a side. I made an apple cranberry galette the other day, so we'll have it for dessert.

When I buy spiral sliced ham, I carve it into 3-slice portions. Then I bag em, and tag em, for the freezer. That way I don't have to reheat the entire ham. I can use the slices as is, or dice them for a casserole or soup.

Heidi Hoerman
14 Hours Ago

Hot dogs & coleslaw

Having 'merican food tonight for our friend from Bangkok! Hot dogs in buns & cole slaw!

Debbie Sue
17 Hours Ago

I had a taste for Zucchini Bread......

Last week Noreen made zucchini bread, and I've wanted it ever since! So I turned that oven on! LOL!!

Moist Zucchini Bread

I sampled a piece, and it hit the spot! ;)