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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Good morning...yawn...

By R S
3 Hours Ago
I recall that I made a comment on a recipe that used canned tuna and said that I did not like canned tuna. Well I don't, well didn't...sort of, kinda until recently-ish.

If you're confused, don't worry...me too. The great little Italian place here called Nello's serves up an antipasti and bread after you are seated and drink orders taken. On the platter is Italian tuna. When we went there last Madam and I both had it and loved it. DH won't even touch it. I started spreading a bit out on the plate trying to figure out what was in it although I could tell by taste mostly (with teen daughter saying "mom., do you have to do that in every restaurant!?) I was discreet...shhhhh.

CLEARLY it is Italian tuna packed in olive oil. So yesterday I picked some up and will try and create that for lunch today. They served it simply with bread and and the rest of the platter. I will probably make a crostini with it.
Okay...coffee! Where's my coffee?

Happy rainy day everyone! And for those who asked yesterday for my cucumber recipe. I did make it and take pics along the way. I will post ;-)

Made my

By Carol Junkins
18 Hours Ago
Meatloaf recipe in jumbo muffin cups ~~ so good, the sauce makes it !! Mom's Meatloaf In Jumbo Muffin Cups

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By Cindy Rice
18 Hours Ago
I made a beef and Bok Choy stirfry..added thickly sliced fresh mushrooms, very thinly sliced fresh celery, one sliced up large onion, a spoonful of minced garlic, beef broth, a bit of coconut oil, s bit of butter, some worchestire sauce, a pinch or two of all natural beef bouillon some sirloin steak ..diced up and floured..basically it..awesome stuff..in fact a made a huge pan..and it is all gone..made my cheesecake last night, made a home made chocolate cream pie the other night..still got some of that but cheesecake almost gone..;(
Made a pizza pie the other night..should've used bread dough or pizza dough instead of butter pie crust:(
Other then that was quite good..tomorrow is clean out and use up the leftovers night:(

quick hamburger soup

By Valeree Dunbar
20 Hours Ago
Was in the mood for some soup so Just cooked up some ground beef, threw in a chopped onion, yellow pepper, spinach, broccoli slaw, potatoes, beef broth, garlic salt, pepper and some Italian seasoning. Quick and easy supper.

Fortified tabouli (tabbouleh)

By Heidi Hoerman
21 Hours Ago
Tabouli is basically a bulgur wheat and parsley salad. Traditionally, it has tomatoes, onions, and mint in it and a lemon dressing. But if you start with bulgur and parsley you can do almost anything.

I'm going to "fortify" it to make it a dinner salad by adding a can of beans. I'm replacing the tomatoes and onions with an orange pepper and a summer squash. A lemon-basil-yogurt dressing should round it out.

Second night in a row I will not be cooking!

By Diana Perry
24 Hours Ago
We have a Ministry's meeting at church that will have provided food. Not sure what it will be, or if it will fit into my vow to stay with healthy eating this week....we'll just have to see.

If you got the time... How about smoking your butt

By Andy Anderson !
24 Hours Ago
Made some pulled pork and put it into a recipe on tips and tricks for smoking.

So yummy.

I hope all my JAP family, and everyone else, is having a great Tuesday (((HUGS)))

Master Recipe: Smoked Butts & Other Stuff

By request...

By R S
24 Hours Ago
Husband off to training for the week. Madam will be picked up from school today by driving school (her last lesson!) and after lesson instructor will drop her off at work. She will be starving by the time she gets home tonight. She asked if I would make chow mein and Asian cucumbers. Sounded good to me. So yeah...that's dinner tonight.
Have a great day everyone.