Bake, Cook and Learn...Its never too late!
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There are ALWAYS new things to learn along the way! With that being said, this group is for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned who would like to learn more or share what they already know. The tips and hints that make up a good cook or baker. Keep in mind that conversation will not always necessarily be just cooking or baking. There may be discussions on special diets, allergies, healthy eating just to name a few as each person's normal diet is different from anothers. Please feel free to bring up these subjects!
I guess even in this simple group I have to post rules now.
Rule 1. Play nice in the sand box. There will be no bashing, nastiness or arguments. I will not have it. Im not here for drama. I will moderate my own group if I have to and it could mean removal of comment/post and or removal from the group.
2. have fun please! We are here to share good recipes, good conversation and good friendship.
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Bonnie D. Utahn - 3 Hours Ago
He has risen....
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Linda Kauppinen cyrene - 14 Hours Ago
I would like to wish everyone here a very Happy Easter. Enjoy time with family and friends, and we will be back here on Monday!! Have a Blessed Easter! ♥
Linda Kauppinen cyrene - Yesterday at 9:42 AM
Our own Chef Andy has posted a great tutorial on working with Chili Peppers for those of us that would be interested. Be sure to pinch it for yourself!!

Chef Andy’s Classroom: Working with Chili Peppers
rayna maxey momaray - Friday at 10:45 AM
Hi. I found a nice recipe but it uses white flour. it is Hot Cross buns By Beth M. can I substitute the white flour for wheat? I do have wheat gluten that I add. I use it for when I make a loaf of bead to help it rise....
Linda Kauppinen cyrene - Friday at 2:43 AM
Thanks Millie for posting this on your site!!
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