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There are ALWAYS new things to learn along the way! With that being said, this group is for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned who would like to learn more or share what they already know. The tips and hints that make up a good cook or baker. Keep in mind that conversation will not always necessarily be just cooking or baking. There may be discussions on special diets, allergies, healthy eating just to name a few as each person's normal diet is different from anothers. Please feel free to bring up these subjects!
I guess even in this simple group I have to post rules now.
Rule 1. Play nice in the sand box. There will be no bashing, nastiness or arguments. I will not have it. Im not here for drama. I will moderate my own group if I have to and it could mean removal of comment/post and or removal from the group.
2. have fun please! We are here to share good recipes, good conversation and good friendship.

Linda Kauppinen
Jan 1, 2017

Looking to take your cooking to the next level?

I happened to run across this, and I know I myself am very interested in taking this class.
MasterClass Online is offering an online course with Chef Gordon Ramsey in his own kitchen that will be offered in early 2017... I believe it to be open in February! You can find it by going to:
Please remove the commas and between masterclass and com add a dot/period.
It looks like it will be interesting.. what do you think?

Linda Kauppinen
Jan 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!

Here is wishing you and yours a very safe, healthy and happy new year!
May our baked goods never burn, our recipes turn out marvelous and may we continue to create many new dishes to please the palate!!

Valeree Dunbar
Nov 16, 2016

Cooking with Stevia

Does anyone bake with stevia? I am looking for conversion chart. How much should I use for 1 cup of sugar. The internet is all over the place. Looking for someone who has used and experienced this

Valeree Dunbar
Sep 24, 2016

Apple Sauce

I have often bought apple sauce from the grocery store that says it has no sugar added. But for some reason they don't carry it anymore. does anyone know of a good apple sauce recipe that doesn't require adding sugar. Of course I don't use artificial sweetners either. I was wondering what kinds of apples to use to make it taste sweet. any suggestions?

Valeree Dunbar
Sep 21, 2016

Sweet Potato toast

Who knew you could actually make sweet potato toast. its such an easy idea and so good. put your favorite topping on it and you're good to go.