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Share the soul food of the South recipes.
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Gail New gailiepoo - Jun 10, 2014
Hey gang, my husband is buying me a freezer so I can make some cook ahead and freeze meals. Can any of you send me links to your favorite cook ahead meals? I would so appreciate it more than you know. Thank you in advance. .. Gail. .
Gail New gailiepoo - Apr 30, 2014
I am proud to tell you all that I have recently joined a church that I really love. I am looking for recipes that are easy to cook and transport to church dinners and functions. Wanted to ask you ladies to post the links to your favorite take to church...
I've entered my Chicken Breast with a Spicy Orange Glaze. A delicious mix of sweet, spicy heat. Please drop by and vote. I would appreciate the support so much ! Thank you ! :)
To All of You Wonderful Cooks and Your Families ~ Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year! Stay Well and Keep Safe!
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful cooks!
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