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Kitchen Crew
Wednesday at 3:00 AM

What food hashtag are you?

Think we can #guess what your most used #foodhashtag is? We #betwecan!

Kitchen Crew
Monday at 12:00 AM

What is your fast food order?

Think we can guess what your favorite drive-thru food is? We think we can. Challenge accepted.

Kitchen Crew
Thursday, March 16 at 4:00 AM

Can we guess your college team's colors?

By answering these random questions about your favorite animals, we're going to try to guess your college team's colors. Think we can do it?

Kitchen Crew
Mar 13, 2017

What Type of Potato Chip are You?

You're a chip off the old block, you are!

Kitchen Crew
Mar 12, 2017

What should you do with your extra hour?

Woohoo, we've gained an extra hour today - now what should you DO with it? We're here to help.