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I would like to see a designated page for cooking questions. If there is one already please direct me. I have a question right now.

When a recipe calls for grated parmesean (?) cheese, is it grated in the can like for Pizza, or is it grated like say, cheddar cheese?

Pat Morris
Nov 22, 2016

How far ahead can I make these?

Other than the usual Thanksgiving dishes that I am making to have at home; I am making a few dishes for others to deliver on Thanksgiving day -but don't want to make them all at the last minute -I would like to have them done either tonight or Wednesday -and just deliver them if possible. I have made them many times; but usually the same day as they are to be served. I would appreciate your feedback for me on the following dishes as to how they will turn out if I make them either tonight or tomorrow and just refrigerate them until Thanksgiving day.

1) Banana Pudding. How far ahead can I make it without the cookies getting soggy and the bananas getting mushy and brown (I always put a little lemon juice on the bananas to help with them not turning brown). I usually always make my Banana Pudding the same day that I am going to serve it.
* Can I make it Wednesday?
* What if I put the bananas in the refrigerator (so they won't over-ripe); unpeeled; and mix everything to make the pudding together on Wednesday; and just assemble it with the cookies, pudding, bananas (that I refrigerated in their skins) and whipped cream right before delivering it? OR do I just need to do it all the morning of Thanksgiving?

2) Miniature Cheesecakes. Can I mix all of the ingredients except the cookie crust (I am making Oreo Cookie Crust). And just put the crusts in the muffin cups and assemble -with the cheesecake mixture before taking them?

3) Chocolate Cream Pie. I have never made this particular pie (by America's Test Kitchen) at all. Will it break down if I just bake the cookie crust and mix all the ingredients for the filling without putting it in the crust until Thanksgiving? The filling contains half and half, egg yolks; cooked like a pudding mixture; two kinds of chocolate; chilled about 4 hours and topped with a whipped cream topping.
*I have to make it ahead of time since it needs to chill for 4 hours. If I bake the cookie crust; cool and pour the warm filling in it (and put the topping on it that morning) will I have a soggy mess?

4) Fresh Corn Casserole. I have made this many times -but never ahead of time. This one doesn't worry me too much. I think I can put it together in the casserole dish the day before and refrigerate and add the cheese to the top before baking (It also has cheese inside the dish) an bake the on Thanksgiving morning. It contains eggs, sour cream, cheese, green chilies and corn kernels.

I know this sounds as if I just learned to cook yesterday. Not the case; but I usually don't cook things that can't be prepared ahead of time unless it is cakes; fruit or pecan pies, cookies; potato salads, etc. that do well made ahead of time. Just looking over what I just typed is making me tired and afraid that if I have to do this at the last minute -Thanksgiving morning, I will have to get up.

So back to my original thoughts -since I have so much more to prepare (that I know how to store, etc.) Can any of the above not just be made to the stage I have mentioned; but can any of these be prepared completely ahead of time?

Thanks -I hope that I haven't overwhelmed you by reading and thinking of this.

Linda Smith
Oct 16, 2016


Is anyone else else see a blue box flipping over and over at the top of page when locking to a new community.

Leanne D.
Oct 14, 2016

Smoked Tuna

Has anyone smoked tuna in the can? A friend was talking about that the other day and I seem to remember someone doing it but can't remember how to do it, how long to smoke it. Anyone?

Leanne D.
Oct 14, 2016

Smoked Tuna

Has anyone smoked tuna in the can? A friend was talking about that the other day and I seem to remember someone doing it but can't remember how to do it, how long to smoke it. Anyone?

Karyn Shank
Oct 14, 2016

Eye of Round

My husband bought a 12# efe of round & cut it two small roasts and the rest in 1 inch steaks. I have found to be avery tough cut. Does anyone know of any good recipes? Could I use it for stew?

Connie Ottman
Oct 14, 2016

Saving recipes

My understanding is that there is a way to save recipes on other sites to your recipe box on JAP. Is that true and, if so, how is that done?

Linda Smith
Aug 10, 2016


Ok posted a recipe yesterday couldn't get a picture on right away so it's a private recipe finally got the picture on and it's still private how do we change it?