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I would like to see a designated page for cooking questions. If there is one already please direct me. I have a question right now.

When a recipe calls for grated parmesean (?) cheese, is it grated in the can like for Pizza, or is it grated like say, cheddar cheese?


Peeling Potatoes

By Tommy Roberts - Yesterday at 6:53 PM

I have been tasked with peeling 15 lbs of potatoes for mashed potatoes. I heard that if you boil them first and then immerse them into ice water then the skins come right off. True? If so, here see my questions:

1. Do you boil the potatoes until they are done for mashing or do you par-boil them and then peel and then boil them again.

2. What are the times for par-boiling and then for the second reheat?

3. Should you add salt and oil to either the 1st or 2nd hearings?

Thank you in advance for any fast answers to the above. I need to do this tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Kindest regards,

sweet potato recipe

By sharyn b - Tuesday at 11:29 AM

does anyone have a recipe for a Sweet Potato roulade?? I would like the recipe to include marshmallows, the usual ingred.'s for thanksgiving side dish. I have looked all over the internet and can't find what I am looking for. thank you to all who can help.

Have you made this Chili before ???

By Cin Straw's Kitchen - Tuesday at 11:16 AM

I love this web site and love her pizza chili♥


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Cut up turkey

By Connie Ottman - Tuesday at 8:31 AM

I had the butcher cut up one of my turkeys to use for left overs. Now, I don't know how long to cook it. Any ideas, it's 12 pounds?


By Priscilla Smith - Sunday at 7:25 PM

What is the earliest you can buy a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving day?