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I would like to see a designated page for cooking questions. If there is one already please direct me. I have a question right now.

When a recipe calls for grated parmesean (?) cheese, is it grated in the can like for Pizza, or is it grated like say, cheddar cheese?



By Priscilla Smith - Thursday at 4:29 PM

I bought a very nice wool jacket at a thrift shop. After I got home,
I discovered it has an unpleasant odor. I took it to the dry cleaners
and it still has the odor. Is there anything I can do to remove this odor,
dry cleaning didn't help.
Thank you.
Priscilla Smith

Post a recipe?

By Bennie Shaw - Thursday at 11:03 AM

I so seldom post a recipe that now I can't find the place to do that. Please tell me again and I will make a note! :-)

Do you buy the tree or go out in search of just the right one???

By Cin Straw's Kitchen - Wednesday at 4:47 PM

....... and cut it down yourself??????
Love this picture...♥

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Turkey Breast

By Lori Spaidal - Wednesday at 12:13 PM

I have a 3 1/2lb. bone less, skin less turkey breast. How do I roast it please?


By russell mengler - Wednesday, November 12 at 5:32 PM

does anyone have a recipe for rinderwurst a german beef sausage with allspice and oatmeal what else I do not know