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I would like to see a designated page for cooking questions. If there is one already please direct me. I have a question right now.

When a recipe calls for grated parmesean (?) cheese, is it grated in the can like for Pizza, or is it grated like say, cheddar cheese?

Keey And Michael

By Linda Smith
Tuesday at 12:36 PM
Did anyone else watch this show this morning , Kelly had taken a few days off after Michael announced he was leaving the show to be on GMA permanently. They have been together forever and it was a complete surprise to Kelly when he announced the change. I guess it was a decision by the powers that be sad they were perfect together . I have always said TRUST is an important part of any relationship you break that trust it cannot be fixed.


By Sharon Colyer
Apr 13, 2016
Just remember, for any fresh fruit or vegetable, to rinse them well. Unless they are organic, they will have pesticides on them. I cringe, when I see a person eat grapes in the store, for that very reason. Bananas also... have pesticides. It might not get to the inside fruit, but your hands will have pesticides on them. So, everything you touch will be contaminated. At the store, I turn a plastic bag inside out, before I touch them, & let that bag be a glove. So, the fruit is trapped inside it & with a turn of the plastic, the outside of it, is back on the outside. This technique can work on anything you want to pick up at the grocery, that is small enough for the bag. Although, I have used 2 bags to cover a large package of pork chops; 1 on each end. You can always carry hand wipes too, in case you get meat juices on you anyway. Some stores have them available in that department.


By Bonnie ^O^
Apr 6, 2016
Have a great night!♥

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Mexican Tacos

By Bennie Shaw
Apr 6, 2016
How do you make the meat for Mexican Street Tacos. I was told to put salt and pepper on hamburger than add lots of lemon juice. Let it set over night and the acid will cook the meat. True?????

Cake mix

By Linda Smith
Mar 26, 2016
Someone had a recipe on how to make a cake mix taste like homemade cake anyone have that I know it was extra eggs, maybe milk instead of water....

crock pot

By Priscilla Smith
Mar 19, 2016
Does anyone know of some good recipes for a small, 2 1/2 qt, crock pot? Something that would
serve 4 people.
Thank you.

Italian yellow cake

By mary jo ames
Mar 6, 2016
Looking foe my grandmothers recipe for this delicious cake that she used to make and I believe she used 12 eggs. this cake is very dence and moist. Thanking you in advance for any help. I might say this cake is never iced.

St. Patricks Day

By Bennie Shaw
Mar 3, 2016
I need a tried and true way to cook Corn Beef and Cabbage. Even as old as I am, I have never cooked one. Please help. Thanks in advance.