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I would like to see a designated page for cooking questions. If there is one already please direct me. I have a question right now.

When a recipe calls for grated parmesean (?) cheese, is it grated in the can like for Pizza, or is it grated like say, cheddar cheese?


By Blondie Pussycat
Jul 2, 2015
Have any of you put cottage cheese in a blender or food processor? What is the texture like?
=^. .^=

Looking for a recipe

By Trudy Haas
Jul 2, 2015
I am looking to see if anyone can help me,I used to have a cookbook with just hot dog recipes in it the recipe contained Fritos,hotdogs,pork and beans and salsa and I think cheese and was a casserole. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Trudy Haas


By Priscilla Smith
Jul 2, 2015
Has anyone here ever used an appliance called the Nu-Wave Oven? It looks so good
on the commercials. I was thinking about buy one, but just wanted to check
with others.
thank you.

Amish Cook Book

By linda Smith
Jun 9, 2015
While reading my new Amish cook book today, (like the old saying goes your never too old to learn never thought of this,)instead of cutting up an onion for soup, sauces, or something else, put the whole onion in and when your soup or whatever is ready take out onion you have the flavor but not the onion itself. I am going to try this on my picky daughter when she gets here.


By linda Smith
Jun 9, 2015
I planted peppers in a container on my porch, I heard somewhere what to add to the dirt now I can't find it can someone help me?

Good Gravy help!

By Barb K.
Apr 20, 2015
I always start out with the drippings whatever it is that dripped, I'll use it. If there isn't enough then I will open a can of campbells soup Beef or Chick stock and use that. Probably all wrong.... I prefer to use cornstartch.

So here I stand next to the stove... pot of boiling drippings 1/2 cup of warm water and three tablespoons of corn startch mixed in the warm water, I wisk it in the cup then add it slowley add it to the boiling dripping... wishing it will taste good.
Nope it tasted awful, I try to flavor it but no luck still taste creepy and it is never thick enough , if I add more corn starch it tastes yucky. If I switch to flour blahh ...

What the heck am I doing?!

Sausage gravy is no problem I have found Pioneer gravy mix and I am set now.

Oh now if I use canned gravy I still save the drippings for soup base or stew base.

Thanks for the help.

recipe posting

By Nelda Carnley
Apr 19, 2015
I made an Asian Style Chicken Slaw yesterday for lunch that I got from the Taste of Home web site. Would it be okay to post this recipe if I put in there it came from Taste of Home. I don't want to do anything illegal. Thank you

cake pans

By Priscilla Smith
Feb 5, 2015
I was wondering if I could substitute a tube pan (angel food pan) for a
bundt pan?
thank you.