Dutch Oven cooking

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Duch oven cooking has been around a long time and many families hand their dutch ovens down from generation to generation. This group would provide an opportunity for greenies to ask questions and for seasoned veterans of this style of cooking to offer their insights and tips.


Just found your group.

By Stormy Stewart - Jun 11, 2014

For my birthday I asked for a dutch oven and got a lodge dutch oven. I am so excited. But I see your group is overran with recipes for everything. Such a mess to made through.

Buon Natale! Felice Anno Nuovo!

By ~ StillWild ~ - Dec 23, 2013

To All of You Wonderful Cooks and Your Families ~ Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year! Stay Well and Keep Safe!

Dutch Oven Cobbler

By Straw's Kitchen - Jun 6, 2013

Pile up 24 charcoal briquettes in your campfire pit and place one or two fire starters on top of the charcoal.
Light the fire starters. Allow the charcoal to burn until the exterior of the briquettes is ashy and gray.

Prepare a 12-inch Dutch oven by lining the inside with aluminum foil.
Use your can opener to open a 32-ounce can of fruit cocktail, a 32-ounce can of peaches and a 16-ounce can of pineapple.
Pour the fruit and juices into the aluminum-foil-lined Dutch oven.

Add 1/2 cup instant tapioca to the fruit mix and stir well to combine.

Pour the yellow cake mix evenly over the fruit and tapioca combination.
Add 1 cup brown sugar, sprinkling it over the cake mix.
Cut one stick of margarine into thin slices and place them all over the top of your Camp Cobbler.

Cover your Camp Cobbler ingredients with the Dutch oven lid.
Put on an oven mitt and use tongs to pick up eight charcoal briquettes and place them on the ground or in the fire pit where you intend to cook your Camp Cobbler.
Place the charcoal pieces close enough to form a base on which the Dutch oven will sit.

Set the Dutch oven on top of the eight charcoal briquettes.
Place 16 charcoal briquettes on top of the Dutch oven.
Bake your Camp Cobbler for 45 to 60 minutes.
When the cake is golden brown and the cake mixture has become moist from the fruit juices, then you know your Camp Cobbler is ready.

Hello all

By Beth Laugherty - Mar 19, 2013

I'd like to first off say I'm soooo happy that I found this group. I'm Beth and I live in East TN,and I love cast iron. I have a few cast iron peices and I have a problem I used pam on my pans, then they got real sticky, so I strated asking people how to clean them, well I never got the same answer twice. I was told to put them in the oven on self cleaning and leave then in there for about a hour, well I did and now they are down to the bare iron and kind of on the rusty side. HELP please. Most are Lodge.

Help I need a quick fix if there is one

By Shelia Senghas - Jan 26, 2013

My mom's dutch oven has sat on the hearth beside the fireplace opening for over 7 years unused with it's lid on. When I saw this recipe "THE Best Crusty Bread (Dutch Oven),"
added by Pat DiMercurio, I printed it and made the dough the whole while reliving many of the pleasant memories of my mom using it. I brought the Dutch Oven to the kitchen, removed the lid, and, yes, it's seasoning was a sticky, guncky, mess. I saw Karla's link to getting it clean, however, I have no oven cleaner and I live 22 miles from the nearest store that would carry it. The bread will be ready to bake at this time tomorrow so I was hoping there would be a quick fix I could try. Any suggestions?