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It's a mystery I haven't been able to solve.
My mother always had an box of Bell's Seasoning. I can remember her sending me to the store to buy it for her. I know she didn't use is in her stuffing, or rubbing the turkey with it, or using it in any chicken or pork recipe. I can't find any reference to it in her handwritten recipes or my grandmother's..nor do I remember her using it when she showed me how to cook. So, I am perplex as to what she used it it.
I love Bell's Seasoning. Unfortunately it's not in any of our stores here in California anymore. So, I order it off the net.
The mystery will remain unsolved..sigh.

Does anyone, but remember this seasoning and use it in your recipes?
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Hi Bonnie, Eddie Jordan here I remember granny mixing other spices with this like sage, dill, and sometimes Rosemary. It sure made her turkey and dressing really good.
cheryl gordon cher2u80 - Feb 19, 2013
Did a web search for "bells seasoning"
got some sites on this
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