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I Love to read novels and would like suggestions on more good ones.
How about you ??

Catherine Ferensic
Monday at 4:24 PM

looking for books

hi i'm looking for books to read on my kindle/smartphone computer as well i'm cleaning and organizing everything we have to downsize so it's easier not to have many laying around any suggestions thanks ahead o also looking for books for my 7 year old both cookbooks and kids books also wanting to create a cookbook for my son family & friend suggestions welcome thanks ahead

Dorothy Curtis
Monday at 4:20 PM

NEVER NEVER by James patterson

This is a new character and the setting is in Australia. It is about murder at a mine in the outback far from any major towns. Detective Blue is a cop who is sent to the mine to investigate these murders and missing miners. She is not received very well by the managers of this mine. I have to say it was one of my least favorite books that Patterson has written.


Dorothy Curtis
Monday at 4:13 PM

THE WHISTLER by John Grisham

Another very good book by this author. This one is about Lacy Stoltz who is an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. She and her partner have a case that involves a crooked judge and also a Native American casino. It is a very interesting story and keeps you guessing until the end.


Diane C.
Monday at 3:21 PM

The Great Pearl Heist

I just finished The Great Pearl Heist by Molly Caldwell Crosby. This was an interesting read about a famous theft in the early 1900's in London, England. It covers the beginnings of Scotland Yard, and the comprehensive cast of characters involved in the crime. A phenomenal story with great detail. It was a fascinating glimpse of another era.

Sherry Blizzard
Feb 5, 2017

Dearie by Bob Spintz

This is a book I want to read about the life of Julia Child. Has anyone read this?


Dorothy Curtis
Feb 5, 2017

THE SHOEMAKER'S WIFE by Adriana Trigiani

This is a sweeping novel about the lives and love of Enza and Ciro who meet when they are 15 in 1905 in the Italian Alps. Both emigrate to America at different times and meet several times over the years. The book spans a life time of these two lovers and ends just after WWII.

This book was so interesting and it really touched me. I had a hard time putting it down and I really didn't want the story to end.

If you like a good love story about the power of love and how it can change lives this is a book for you.

It is wonderful!


Catherine Ferensic
Feb 4, 2017

i'm Reading

hi i'm reading the elimination diet,alissa segersten & tom malterre,ms,cn forward by Jeffery bland,phd,facn on the cover-discover the foods that are making you sick and tired-and FEEL BETTER FAST

Susan Feliciano
Jan 31, 2017


This was a GREAT historical fiction novel about the Titanic!
The research done for the book was thorough, the characters engaging, and the plot kept you interested until the very end. A great read. I got a Kindle copy for $1.