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This group is for anyone who homesteads or is just trying to live a more self sufficient lifestyle. Share your recipes and tips for the homestead.
My hubby and I live on a small farm have goats, horses, dogs, cats and soon, chickens. We garden and can. I am also trying my hand at cheesemaking !
We would love to hear your ideas for the homestead. Welcome ! Come sit a spell with us.



By Millie Johnson - Yesterday at 3:58 PM

I stumbled upon a plant that I am unfamiliar with and would like to know if anyone on here has grown it or cooked with it. It is called Chaya or Mexican Tree Spinach. You eat it as a cooked green, like spinach. Here is the link to what I...


Trouble in the barnyard...

By Millie Johnson - 2 Hours Ago

The weather (castrated male goat) has starting head butting the bred doe I just bought. He's even got her in her side ! :( I was hoping to keep him till he was 8-12 months old before we butcher, but I can't risk him making her miscarry ! I am...



By Millie Johnson - Thursday at 12:22 PM

We have a new addition to the homestead ! Her name is Cookie and she is a Nubian. She is also expecting so we will have kids on the ground soon. Not sure of her due date as he had misplaced his breeding papers. She has the baby bump going...


Been a hectic two weeks !

By Millie Johnson - Thursday at 1:35 AM

Stayed and cared for my mother for her last days. She passed peacefully in her sleep early yesterday morning. It was been rough but I'm doing better this evening. Thank you for your prayers and concern for me. Love you guys and gals ! My knee is doing very good...


Please keep Millie Johnson and her family in your prayers.

By Diane Hopson Smith - Tuesday, September 23 at 10:54 PM

Millie posted this on FB about an hour ago: "I would like to thank everyone for their prayers for our family. Mom passed peacefully in her sleep early this morning. She requested no services, but if you like, you could donate to a charity in her name. She believed in...