Happy Homesteading

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This group is for anyone who homesteads or is just trying to live a more self sufficient lifestyle. Share your recipes and tips for the homestead.
My hubby and I live on a small farm have goats, horses, dogs, cats and soon, chickens. We garden and can. I am also trying my hand at cheesemaking !
We would love to hear your ideas for the homestead. Welcome ! Come sit a spell with us.


Here they are !

By Millie Johnson - Sunday at 3:25 PM

Here are some pictures of our new farm friends. the first is Shelia and the goat is Jacob.

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New farm member !

By Millie Johnson - Friday, October 17 at 1:37 PM

Actually two ! The first is a puppy that came from a farm, so she is good with the critters. She is half Australian Shepard and the rest unknown. She has a great personality ! We named her Sheila.
The other newbie is Jacob. We will be picking him up tomorrow...

Styrofoam Platters and Saran Wrap

By Millie Johnson - Oct 10, 2014

I have friends that ask how could I raise an animal and then kill it to feed our family. I explain the quality of the animals life vs. the hell of commercial farm practices, but I think this lady says it wonderfully.

All due credit goes to Darlene from Shadow...

Trouble in the barnyard...

By Millie Johnson - Oct 1, 2014

The weather (castrated male goat) has starting head butting the bred doe I just bought. He's even got her in her side ! :( I was hoping to keep him till he was 8-12 months old before we butcher, but I can't risk him making her miscarry ! I am...


By Millie Johnson - Sep 30, 2014

I stumbled upon a plant that I am unfamiliar with and would like to know if anyone on here has grown it or cooked with it. It is called Chaya or Mexican Tree Spinach. You eat it as a cooked green, like spinach. Here is the link to what I...