Happy Homesteading

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This group is for anyone who homesteads or is just trying to live a more self sufficient lifestyle. Share your recipes and tips for the homestead.
My hubby and I live on a small farm have goats, horses, dogs, cats and soon, chickens. We garden and can. I am also trying my hand at cheesemaking !
We would love to hear your ideas for the homestead. Welcome ! Come sit a spell with us.


Food Freedom

By Millie Johnson
Wednesday at 2:17 PM
This needs to be nationwide, imo !


By Bonnie D.
Wednesday at 1:30 PM

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Hi Millie

By Zelda Hopkins
Wednesday at 11:35 AM
Hi Millie, how are you ? Just checking in to say hello. Isn't Millie a doll ? Hope the goats are doing okay.

kitchen tip

By Millie Johnson
Wednesday at 10:52 AM
I saw this while cruising the net and thought it was a nifty idea...

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Spring has sprung... finally !

By Millie Johnson
Sunday at 9:34 AM
Spring has finally made an arrival here on the homestead. Everything is staring to green up, almost overnight. I was checking on the ladies yesterday and Clarisse is getting a small udder ! It could still be a good while before she kids, but I still get excited, lol. I believe I will go ahead and order some fresh rennet and restock my cultures. Eekkk ! Can't wait for that first batch of fresh goat cheese ! For the first time, we will have more than enough milk for my cheese making. Which reminds me, I need to get a repairman out to fix the spare fridge.... excuse me... I need to make a call, lol... ;)


By Sharon Colyer
Mar 11, 2015
It had rained like crazy for at least a day & a half, but finally, a beautiful sunny day!!! My daughter's cats are loving it too!

How are the animals? Wasn't it Clover, that was having problems? I have missed seeing a bunch of notifications, so update me, if you have time.

Da Sun, Da Sun !

By Millie Johnson
Mar 7, 2015
The sun is shining and it's in the 50s today ! Wow, what a turnabout !!! Looks like spring has finally decided to grace us with her presence and boy, am I happy ! It won't be too much longer before baby goats will be hitting the ground and spring planting will start.
I am not a patient person by nature and I find it funny that some of the things here on the farm require tons of it, lol. The irony is not lost on me ! It is a waiting game. Waiting for babies to come, waiting for seeds to sprout, waiting for grass to green up, waiting for ground to thaw/dry/get moisture, i.e. rain.... you get my drift ? But... it is so worth it !!! The joy of seeing baby goats just minutes old, suckling their mama is just flat out precious. Baby goats, or "kids" as they're called, begin to play the very first day of life ! They are so fun to watch as they are still a wee bit clumsy and just getting the hang of their land legs, lol. It amazes me how quickly they catch on !
Well, the sun is shining and I should really get outside for a bit. Time to come out of hibernation. It's Spring (almost) !!! ;)

National Pig Day !

By Millie Johnson
Mar 1, 2015
Did you know that today is National Pig Day ? Ummm, Bacon is always a good start to any day, lol ! ;)

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