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Avery & Justin are 20 year olds who have recently moved in together. Both work at McDonalds. Parents decline to help because they disapprove of them living together.

Avery loves to cook and searches for recipes on the internet. She has found JAP and loves it.

What if they only have a few items in their pantry, no money, and payday is still two days away.

"Free" items are listed below. These may be used in any dish along with ONLY what is on the list posted in the comments for that week.

Unlimited cooking oil(your choice)
Unlimited herbs & spices
1 lb butter
2 lbs flour
2 lbs corn meal
2 lbs granulated sugar
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Hot sauce
Red wine vinegar
16 ounce jar mayonnaise
12 ounce jar grated parmesan cheese
1 bottle Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
1 jar Prepared mustard
Luzianne teabags
Crystal Light lemonade mix
box complete pancake mix
bottle of waffle syrup
jar of dill pickles slices
baking powder
baking soda
Liquid Smoke
1 lb. sliced American cheese

WHAT IF PART 1 and WHAT IF PART 2 are under What's Cooking Today? discussions

Your challenge is to use only the designated items along with the free items to develop menus and recipes for the two days.

Let your creataive juices flow!!!

sallye bates
Jun 9, 2015


First, hard boil 5 eggs. Remove from heat and cool, then peel.
Finely dice 1/2 ofthe onion and a dozen or so dill pickle chips and set aside

RECIPE #1 is for Egg Salad

Mash 4 of the eggs into in a mixing bowl
Add one-half of the onion and pickle mixture
Add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
Add 1 teaspoon of mustard
Add 1 teaspoon each salt and ground pepper
Mix together until mixture is creamy and fluffy.

Make sandwich on toasted bread
Add shredded lettuce (optional)

RECIPE #2 Tuna Salad

Drain one can of tuna and place in mixing bowl
Mash remaining egg and add to tuna
Add other half of onion/pickle mixture to tuna
Add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
1 teaspoon each of salt and pepper
1 cup of shredded lettuce
Add a little more mayo if it is too dry

Serve as salad or sandwich.

sallye bates
Jun 5, 2015


You can use any of these items when creating your recipes. I have printed a copy and have itposted to the bulletin board above my computer.


corn meal
cooking oil(your choice)
herbs & spices
1 lb butter
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Hot sauce
Red wine vinegar
16 ounce jar mayonnaise
12 ounce jar grated Parmesan cheese
1 bottle BBQ sauce
1 jar Prepared mustard
Family size teabags
Crystal Light lemonade mix
bottle of waffle syrup
jar of dill pickles
baking powder
baking soda
Liquid Smoke
1 lb. sliced American cheese

sallye bates
Jun 5, 2015


Every Friday, the Food Pantry packs and distributes boxes of groceries for needy families. Theoretically, it will be for a week's meals. All ingredients are items that have been donated by individuals and corporations (including the local grocery stores).

Today's box will include the following:

5# bag all purpose flour
2# bag Yellow cornmeal
2# bag sugar
4 #2 cans diced tomatoes
2 #2 cans whole kernel corn
2 cans tomato sauce
12 packages Ramen Soup (various seasonings)
5# bag russet potatoes
2# block generic processed cheese (like Velveeta)
2 cans store brand tuna
1 can spam
1 box dry milk
1 head iceberg lettuce
2 large sweet onions

Your challenge is to devise a set of recipes from these ingredients that will last a week. You can add any spices, herbs and up to 3 other ingredients of your choosing. (Keep in mind when choosing other ingredients that these people are on a very limited budget)

Good luck. I don't have a clue yet what I'm going to prepare

sallye bates
Jun 4, 2015


When last we left them, the family was evacuating Granny and Gramps from the family homestead ahead of a raging forest fire that had been burning for days.

I am happy to report that several things occurred to save their home, the most important being the wind shift. An unexpected summer storm caused the shift from south to north winds, accompanied by a torrential downpour. With this help from Mother Nature, the hundreds of firefighters who were bone weary were able to contain the fire and eventually put it out. But this didn't happen before hundreds of homes and thousands of acres of virgin forest were eaten up in the intense fire.

Today, Granny and Gramps are settled back into their house, all their livestock have been returned to the fields, and the burned fields have been replanted and are doing well.

Justin's submitted plans for the vintage home won him a full scholarship in the Architectural department at the University. He attends evening classes so he can continue working during the day. He is quickly becoming adept at all phases of home restoration.

Avery has chosen to take the fast track program, and will earn her degree in Finance in another year (or 18 months at the outside). Gramps has promised her that she can take over the financial helm at “Vintage Homes Restoration” or she can go to work at the bank. She plans to go for her Master Degree in the future.

Wynell and Tommy have overcome the scandal of Wynell's past and are much closer than they had been in years. Wynell was amazed to find that once she admitted her mistake in hiding her past she felt much better and the townspeople have forgivien her. She is happily still active in all her clubs and charities. Tommy is still running the bank trying to stave off the big guys who want to absorb them.

Wanda became so incensed at the acceptance of Avery and her mother Francine into the family circle that she quit the bank, landing a new job at a large bank in Dallas. Soon after she moved there, she met and is currently dating (seriously) one of the bank's vice-presidents.

Francine and Carl are doing well, still very much in love.

Which brings us to Willa. Texas does not have an alimony law, so after her divorce was finalized it was necessary for her to find a job. Since she had never worked, that was a little problematic. However, with unexpected initiative, she landed a job as coordinator for the local Food Bank. She is busy compiling a book of budget friendly recipes using found ingredients. She plans to pass these recipes booklets out to her clients with the food boxes. She is fully enjoying the challenges of soliciting donations and helping the families in need.

We are going to help Willa compile some budget friendly recipes using found (donated) food items.

I hope you will join us in this fun adventure.

sallye bates
Feb 19, 2014


With herculean efforts from the entire family and friends, Granny and Gramps got all of their possessions evacuated and into the storage building ahead of the fire. The animals were taken to a friend's holding pen miles away from the path of the fire.

The good news is that the winds have died down and the firefighters are making strides in containing the fire, which is now 50% contained. It has, however, burned thousands of acres and destroyed 500 homes, ranging from mobile homes to stately mansions. It is now mostly burning in open farming fields.

Granny and Gramps are currently staying with Thomas Jr and Wynell, even though the atmosphere is so tense you can cut it with a knife. Wynell cries off and on all day, and Granny has no sympathy for her. Granny is also mad at Gramps,Tommy and Butch for keeping the truth about Wynell from her; all these years she had not known that Tommy met her in a casino where she worked or that she was pregnant when they married; she had always been told that Wynell was a college student when she and Tommy eloped. Gramps, Tommy and Butch kept that secret all these years.

The sheriff made short work of Wynell's brothers claim. In fact, the warrant was bogus, so the brother is cooling his heels in the jail until the Alabama authorities decide whether they want the con man extradited for warrants against him in their county. Wynell did leave home when her mother died and took $200 that her mother had been saving (which was all the money the family had). It is not clear exactly how the brother tracked her down, since she had changed her name when she left.

Nevertheless, Wynell is feeling the backlash of all the snide and snobby things she has done in the past to other people. The gossips are having a field day with her reputation.

Willa's husband has officially filed for divorce and is living in Austin in an apartment near his office; she is terrified about entering the work force. Gramps has already warned Tommy that he is not to hire her at the bank since she has no experience in banking and they are already overstaffed.

Wanda is not speaking to her mother, which makes Wynell cry even more.

sallye bates
Feb 18, 2014


Justin and Avery stood side by side watching the black roiling smoke rise into the air. Their clothes were filthy and they were covered in sweat. Even though the fire was a dozen or so miles away in the State Park, it was spreading rapidly. The dry conditions and high winds made it almost inevitable that it would soon reach Gramps and Granny’s farm. The entire family was loading up furniture and household goods in various pickups and utility trailers. Gramps and his farmhands were on horseback herding the cattle into a straggly line guiding them to what they hoped would be a safe pasture for loading into stock trailers.

The fire, which had been started by lightning strikes, had already burned through several thousand acres of virgin timberland in just a few days. It was so fierce that it had jumped the Colorado River and was fast devouring everything in its path. Even the constant bombardment of fire retardant from the National Guard cargo planes and helicopters was only slowing it down a little. It had already burned a complete subdivision of houses located in the piney woods. Fortunately so far, no one had been injured or died.

With tears running down her cheeks, Granny came out of the house carrying her wedding quilt and some other linens. This farmhouse had been in the family for 5 generations now and it would be hard to lose it, but hopefully they would be able to salvage the antiques and memories. Avery ran to Granny and relieved her of the load, placing it gently in the back of Justin’s jeep. “We’ll be okay, Granny,” she whispered to her beloved mentor. “We have time to get everything moved into the storehouse.”

sallye bates
Feb 17, 2014


The lunch crowd in the Town Café was buzzing with Wynell’s fall from her pedestal. Thomas’s oldest friend, Butch Langley, held center stage. He was recounting how Thomas and Wynell had met at the Biloxi casino where Wynell worked. Tommy and Butch had gone there on spring break during their senior year to let off steam. But Tommy had let off too much steam and two months later Wynell advised him that a baby was on the way. Of course, Tommy had immediately married her and brought her home with him. No one had ever questioned her story that she was an orphan from Alabama attending college. Only Tommy knew that she was only 17 when they married. But even Tommy didn’t know that she indeed had a family in Alabama.

The local attorney was with Wynell at the sheriff’s office while the sheriff was gathering facts prior to questioning her. The only thing he had determined so far was that Maude Pickett (the name on the warrant) was her real name. Since the warrant was almost 40 years old, the sttorney felt that the statute of limitations had come and gone long ago. But the sheriff was talking to his counterpart in Alabama trying to determine if it was still an open warrant.

No matter how this comes out, Ms. Bank President Wife Wynell has suffered a fatal blow to her position in the town’s hierarchy.

sallye bates
Jan 28, 2014


It was a typical scenario in the Town Café this late morning. All the working people had caught up on the latest news and gossip while they ate their breakfast, read the weekly paper, and most of them had departed for their respective jobs. The retirees and late risers were drifting in, savoring their excellent coffee while waiting for their food to be ready. There were more people than usual in the café, since the farmers were enjoying a well deserved hiatus before spring planting began. The calm, peaceful atmosphere was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle earlier when the café had been full of people, the clang of cutlery, the thump of plates being set down, and the buzz of many different conversations.

Ah, but all that was about to change.

Wynell and Willa strutted in with their usual arrogant attitudes of entitlement and sat down at the primo table, completely ignoring the prominent “Please wait to be seated” sign. Kathy, the owner/manager of the café just rolled her eyes and stepped over to pour them each a cup of coffee. Shortly thereafter, Wanda walked in and joined them. They were taking pains to assure that their agitated intense conversation was not overheard by anyone. It was obvious that they were planning someone’s downfall.

Kathy had heard last night that Tommy, Willa’s husband, was in closed door sessions with the local lawyer. She wondered if he was preparing to divorce “Miss Stick up her Butt”. She had also heard that his business was in deep financial trouble, so maybe he was filing for bankruptcy. Oh well, everyone would know soon enough. There were no secrets in this small town.

The café door opened and a total stranger walked in. He was a big man with an unkempt beard and long lank hair. His clothes were well worn and didn’t look any too clean or fashionable. Kathy asked if he was alone or was someone joining him. He said in a loud voice. “I’m looking for my sister. I just found out the little bitch is living in this town.”

“Did she just move here?” asked Kathy with a wince. “I know almost everyone in town; maybe I can help you.”

Wynell, Wanda and Willa looked up at the stranger; Wynell’s face lost all color and froze in shock. At the same time, the stranger’s eyes landed on Wynell and he marched over to the table. “There you are, you thieving bitch, I’ve been looking for you for 40 years. Now I’ve found you and you will pay for what you took.”

Wynell had recovered her composure, and she frostily said “You must be mistaken. I have never seen you before. Kathy, call the sheriff and get him to remove this tramp.”

“That will be great, ma’am, I can give the sheriff the warrant for her arrest for grand larceny, along with the papers I have proving that this woman stole everything from our family’s estate when our parents died. She disappeared, changing her name, thinking I would not be able to locate her. It took me a long time, but I finally found her; she’s going to pay.

There was complete silence in the café as all the customers took in this remarkable news. Everyone knew the banker’s wife and what a stuck up society climber she was. They waited to see what would happen next.