Inside Grandma's Kitchen We Don't Measure Here Only List Ingredients and How to Make The Recipe
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I’m starting this group as to offer a place where cooks who do not measure or follow a recipe or even use a cookbook but who follow their heart and cook with love. So please keep all politics and questions about how much would that equal outside this group as we don’t measure here. Also nasty comments are not welcome and if you can’t stand the heat of our kitchen then you are free to move on. However, if you are one of those cooks, like I am, who just love to create and cook with love then welcome in pull up a chair and lets create some yummy and delicious recipes that we can all share. This will be a group to challenge our creativity and see if we can duplicate each others dishes or even add our own little touch.

My grandmothers didn’t measure when they cooked except for baking however there were times when they would make pies and cobblers that I never saw a single measuring cup or measuring spoon used. Just them creating their magic. So I am hoping that we can spread our own magic in this group and step back once again inside our grandma’s kitchen.

Happy cooking!
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Elaine Bovender Elaine55 - Apr 8, 2014
Hey everyone! I posted a recipe last night for fried corn bread. My mom and my grandmother told me how to make this years ago. After I posted the recipe, I thought that it would be fun to include the ingredients list exactly as my granny told me. You can...
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Penny Binker pennybinker - Apr 26, 2013
Say I have a few thighs. Or just the back and fat from a cut up chicken. Add water and boil. Then simmer an hour or so. Like rissotto but not, once you take out the thighs or boney pieces, the fat from the broth in lieu of olivw oil...
Judy Spada Jude2020 - Apr 24, 2013
I made this the other day at my daughters. She loved it and asked for the recipe. I said, a Package of frozen spinach.Thaw. (dried in paper towels) a can of artichokes. A package of cream cheese. Some salt, pepper,garlic salt, a bit of worscestershire sauce, a package of mozzarella...
Kathy Griffin bamagirl125 - Mar 11, 2013
Made some rice for dinner tonight, taste really good Melt butter in a medium or larger pot add instant rice( i used about 1 1/2 cups) add about 1/2 that amount of orzo pasta smash a couple of cubes of cilantro( found these at walmart)salt and pepper. Fry in butter...
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