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Jams, jellies, salsas, pickles, broths, syrups etc etc etc! Lovers of canning share your favorite recipes and canning tips here! Our mission is to help folks everywhere overcome the dreaded malady FOC...Fear Of Canning! Many sufferers have been cured thanks to Canning Corner. We are the best!

Sauerkraut gone bad?

By Sherry Blizzard
Nov 1, 2015
Not sure what is happening or if I screwed it up. I've made sauerkraut for years...the same way with no problems. Today, I went to can my sauerkraut. It fermented, like always for 8 weeks in a cold place. It doesn't taste right. It's not sour enough. I put a new barrier between the kraut and the air (so no air reaches it. I am going to let it ferment for another 4 weeks....any ideas or suggestions about what I could have done wrong? This is a first for me....My sauerkraut has always been fantastic after 8 weeks.

Using that Sage Jelly!

By Tess Geer
Sep 30, 2015
Herb crusted pork loin with sage jelly glaze.

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Making Apple Cider & Sage Jelly

By Tess Geer
Sep 19, 2015
Thanks to Bobby, i've been researching sage jelly recipes and have come up with one that I think will work for me. I harvested all my sage and have enough for a pretty big batch, I think. I will post later as to how it turns out and share the recipe. One thing I love about my Conservo is that I can't sterilize the jars on the bottom shelf in the rings on the top at the same time! And it's so easy to get them out when they are ready! OK, OK I think I am going to leave Dan and marry my Conservo!

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Sweet & Tart Basil Jelly

By Tess Geer
Sep 18, 2015
Canned a batch of basil jelly yesterday. I really like mine a bit on the tart side but you can always add more sugar if you like it sweeter. Of course, I used my CONSERVO! Isn't it amazing that the device is almost 100 years old and still just as useful as ever? Here's the recipe!
Sweet & Tart Basil Jelly

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canning tomatoes & onions

By Melissa Ann Carpenter
Aug 26, 2015
I'm looking for a tried & true recipe for hot water bath canning whole tomatoes & onions. All I can find online are recipes including peppers. I don't know enuf about canning to know if i can just omit the peppers & use the same processing time of 10-15 minutes.
I've made them b4 but it's been years & I must have thrown out my recipe :(

Problems with powdered pectin?

By Kat Strickland
Aug 24, 2015
My first two batches of red and white Muscadine Grape Jam turned out perfect...but I ran out of liquid pectin, so I had a couple boxes of powdered pectin and decided to use them...well, same recipe, runny jam...actually almost like syrup! Is it just a fluke??? Any opinions???


By shawn eide
Aug 24, 2015
Friend. Just gave me some wild cranberries, how can I make cranberry sauce? Thank you.

Stewed tomatoes

By Jenae Vitamvas-Dyer
Aug 21, 2015
I was just wondering can I use a water bath technique to can stewed tomatoes? Recipes I found online say it's best to use a pressure cooker when canning stewed tomatoes. As of right now I do not have a pressure cooker and have always use the water bath technique when canning salsas, pasta sauce, Pizza and taco sauce. Your suggestions and help are greatly appreciated. Thank you.