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Jams, jellies, salsas, pickles, broths, syrups etc etc etc! Lovers of canning share your favorite recipes and canning tips here! Our mission is to help folks everywhere overcome the dreaded malady FOC...Fear Of Canning! Many sufferers have been cured thanks to Canning Corner. We are the best!


Pressure Canning

By Susan Meade - Sunday at 4:30 PM

I just started pressure canning last year. ( A bit of FOPC) I did plain beets today and 4 of my seven jars lost about 1/4 of the liquid. Should I re-process or what do you do in that situation. Any help would be appreciated.


I found a great web sight for jellys and jams

By Bill Poplaski - Sunday at 10:05 AM She also has an ebook that I bought that is well written. It's on sale now for $4.99 a real value.


Made sausage today

By Ka Garrett - Thursday at 7:37 PM

WE finally got all our deer-pork sausage made today. We worked with our friends and made close to 70 pounds of sausage and plain ground meat. I first ate this stuff last year when we made it. I wasn't much of a sausage person. But now I can't get enough...


Article on new guidelines for the ball lids.

By Millie Johnson - Monday, August 25 at 12:58 AM

Jarden, (the company that makes ball jar and lids) announced that you do not need to heat your lids. If fact, that can make it not seal or lose it's seal later.


Just used the steam juicer for the first time

By Bill Poplaski - Aug 21, 2014

It worked great, I did blueberrys and made jelly. Tommorrow I will use the pulp and make jam.

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