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Help!!! I need a new rack for my pressure canner....

By Sherry Blizzard
10 Hours Ago
It's old and rusty and I can't find a new one to order. I have a Presto 409A Pressure canner.

Great site for jars etc

By Tess Geer
Thursday at 12:52 PM
I think I've shared this before, but this is a great site for quality jars and other supplies at good prices. I've used the for 3-4 years now.

This is A stupid problem for me.

By Rhonda E
Wednesday at 6:51 PM
I bought 2 fresh Jalapenos. I want to make Jalapeno and Fruit Jelly. Simple right! No I have to have a problem with the Jalapeno! I have never bought, cooked or anything with a fresh Jalapeno and yet I am confused how the heat works with these fresh Peppers.

I took a bite out of one of them an it was not hot at all. I cut it open and tasted were the seeds are and no heat. I posted this info in another group asked family members and got no closer to my dilemma. It tasted like a bellpepper.

So I added it to some hamburger cooking to make burrito meat and sautéd for a minute.
No heat just a slight taste of Jalepeno at best.

Then I thought well they must be using canned Jalapeno even the direction in the pectin box for ball calls for 12 oz. I assume they are talking canned Jalapeno.

So I decided to make a meatloaf today and thought what the heck might as well use up that Jalepeno. I bit into it just to see if it was like the other one and yes no heat tastes just like a bellpepper. So I thought ok good I can use this up in this meatloaf and it will be good.

Well my meatloaf messed up and the onions and celery, Jalepeno did not cook and only the meat cooked because I used lean ground beef and it cooks faster bcz no fat.

Now here's the kicker. When I took out the meat loaf and touched the top of if to check for firmness of the loaf I ended up tasting my finger and I got a blaze of heat.

I was like What! How can that be, I tasted this before putting it in. I am thinking my meatloaf is ruined bcz I don't want it hot tasting from the Jalapeno. So can anyone tell me what happened. Also when I cut slices of the meat loaf the uncooked Jalapenos were not hot on the inside. So only the bits of the pepper on top of the loaf were hot.

Now the foil was touching the top of the loaf were the heat was. Could there be a reaction or something to set off heat and oil in the Jalapeno's. I don't understand because the first Jalapeno I sautéed it in my burrito meat a few days earlier and it did not turn hot.

Are these just 2 weak Jalapeno's I bought or is there a way to get them to be hot? Shouldn't they be hot as soon as you bite into them?

Also how many Jalepenos = 12 0z

Help, How long do you boil the jars of jelly?

By Rhonda E
Friday, February 5 at 12:27 AM
I don't have a gaged canner just a stock pot and a pressure cooker. So I wanted to know how they did it in the old days so I can make my jelly.
How long do you boil the jars of jelly so you can keep it on the shelf or for a long period of time. I have all the ingredients to make jelly, please help!

Ham Stock

By Rick Long
Dec 15, 2015
Here is my ham stock recipe Ham Stock

Sauerkraut gone bad?

By Sherry Blizzard
Nov 1, 2015
Not sure what is happening or if I screwed it up. I've made sauerkraut for years...the same way with no problems. Today, I went to can my sauerkraut. It fermented, like always for 8 weeks in a cold place. It doesn't taste right. It's not sour enough. I put a new barrier between the kraut and the air (so no air reaches it. I am going to let it ferment for another 4 weeks....any ideas or suggestions about what I could have done wrong? This is a first for me....My sauerkraut has always been fantastic after 8 weeks.

Using that Sage Jelly!

By Tess Geer
Sep 30, 2015
Herb crusted pork loin with sage jelly glaze.

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Making Apple Cider & Sage Jelly

By Tess Geer
Sep 19, 2015
Thanks to Bobby, i've been researching sage jelly recipes and have come up with one that I think will work for me. I harvested all my sage and have enough for a pretty big batch, I think. I will post later as to how it turns out and share the recipe. One thing I love about my Conservo is that I can't sterilize the jars on the bottom shelf in the rings on the top at the same time! And it's so easy to get them out when they are ready! OK, OK I think I am going to leave Dan and marry my Conservo!

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