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Jams, jellies, salsas, pickles, broths, syrups etc etc etc! Lovers of canning share your favorite recipes and canning tips here! Our mission is to help folks everywhere overcome the dreaded malady FOC...Fear Of Canning! Many sufferers have been cured thanks to Canning Corner. We are the best!


Blue Garlic! Whyyyyyy?

By Tess Geer - Oct 14, 2014

I use distiller water, fresh garlic etc etc etc and sometimes the entire batch still turns out blue!!!!

Back in the peppers

By Nelda Carnley - Oct 6, 2014

Putting up jalapenos today but I am freezing them not canning. I am going to cook them with some onions and freeze them to have ready to eat when I need them

Fresh and Older Preserved Lemon, A Visual Comparison

By Tess Geer - Oct 4, 2014

On the left, a jar of preserved lemon that is 10 1/2 months old (and almost gone). On the right, a jar I put up just a few days ago. Just so you know what to expect! It does keep for up to one year. Moroccan Preserved Lemons

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More pepper

By Nelda Carnley - Oct 3, 2014

My son brought me another basket of pepper last night. I am about to turn into a pepper, it is unbelievable how much pepper he has grown. I have made just about everything you can with peppers but now it is back to the kitchen today to can some more....

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

By Tess Geer - Oct 2, 2014

If you've never tried these, you need to! I just made a batch yesterday because I'm working on a Moroccan offering for EatWith. They need to cure for 30 days, but the flavor is so incredible it's well worth the wait! One use is in yogurt mint sauce....