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hi welcome to my group. i am italian . was raised in ITALY , SO I WANT TO CREATE A GROUP that has real italian recipes . the way they cook in ITALY .. AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN VERSION OF ITALIAN FOOD BUT IT'S NOT NECESSARLY RIGHT . ALSO I WILL HAVE OTHER FOODS IN HERE , BUT MAINLY ITALIAN .


thank GOD tomorrow is sunday and i am finally off

By Letizia Tripp - Saturday at 3:16 PM

hello everybody , hope everyone is having a good weekend . I had to work today .. long week... soo tired . finally off tomorrow on sunday yeahh.. looking forward to sleeping in .. then clean house and cook dinner for my daughter and her boyfriend .. looking forward to...


hope everybody had a good sunday

By Letizia Tripp - Sunday, September 7 at 9:02 PM

today was grandparents day . I hope everyone who is a grandparent was able to have a good day with their kids or grandkids . I was out most of the day . I had a really nice day . my daughter and granddaughter took me out to lunch ....


happy labor day

By Letizia Tripp - Sep 1, 2014

wish all of you my friends a very happy labor day , whatever you are doing or not doing just enjoy the day . I just want to relax today .


any plans for labor day ? come on i like to hear what you all doing ?

By Letizia Tripp - Aug 31, 2014

hello my friends , hope everybody is doing well on this sunday afternoon . so it's a holiday weekend . I am just very happy to have today and tomorrow off . today I cleaned house . nice and clean now .tomorrow I don't have any plans , I would...


lettuce wraps

By Letizia Tripp - Aug 30, 2014

well . lettuce wraps are popular now for healthy eating , so today I decided to try one for lunch it was good , definatelly healthy .. but it was very messy to eat .. it was ham and cheese I think I am going to search for these and...