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hi welcome to my group. i am italian . was raised in ITALY , SO I WANT TO CREATE A GROUP that has real italian recipes . the way they cook in ITALY .. AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN VERSION OF ITALIAN FOOD BUT IT'S NOT NECESSARLY RIGHT . ALSO I WILL HAVE OTHER FOODS IN HERE , BUT MAINLY ITALIAN .

Letizia Tripp
Dec 31, 2016

happy new year ..

hello my friends .
the new year is almost here . hope you all have a wonderful very happy and healthy new year !!!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Dec 30, 2016

do you have any new year's traditions ??/

hi everybody ,
how you all doing ? ready for new year's eve ?
do you have any traditions on new year 's eve ?

ITALIANS have one traditions on new year's eve , they eat lentil soup , cause if you eat it on new year's eve it's supposed to bring you money all year .

unfortunately I really don't like it .. so I don't eat any of it .. so maybe that is why I stay poor !!!!! lol..

Letizia Tripp
Dec 28, 2016

hope you all had a nice Christmas

hello everybody ,
Christmas is over , all that prep and then it's over so quick.. lol..
hope you all had a nice Christmas . mine was good .

anybody getting ready for new year's eve ?

do you do anything to celebrate ?

this year so far I don't have any plans . I am off from work both days . we usually go to my brother's for a big party , but he is not doing it this year . hope to just do something with my kids , at least be together if we don't do anything .
have a nice new year !!!!

sallye bates
Dec 25, 2016


Have a magical day filled with the wonder and joy of this Christmas season.

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Letizia Tripp
Dec 10, 2016

are you all getting ready for Christmas ??

hello my friends ,

how are you all coming along on your Christmas preparations ? are you still shopping ? still baking ?

I am definatelly in the Christmas spirit , love this time of the year .

baked some more cookies today . almost done baking cookies . I am still doing some shopping .,.did most of it , but not done yet ..
i need to start wrapping gifts and i'll start on that soon .

hope you all having a great weekend!!!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Dec 1, 2016

baking christmas cookies

hello my friends
how is everybody doing ? I have a busy day off today .

I am baking Christmas cookies today . I am making some santa's hats cookies and some sprinkled cookies . these are really good sugar cookies .

then tonight my girls are coming over for dinner , so I am also cooking a nice dinner for them , and my granddaughter will help me trim the tree .

I bake a lot of cookies for Christmas cause I love to share them. do any of you do any baking for Christmas ?

Letizia Tripp
Nov 28, 2016

hello everybody

hi my friends,
hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving .. the weekend is over too . did any of you do any black Friday shopping ? not me . I never do. I dont like shopping in crowds . that is also why I do my Christmas shopping early . I did most of the shopping already , not done yet , but almost there!

now I started baking cookies for Christmas . I bake a lot of cookies cause I do share a lot .some of my Christmas gifts are my homemade cookies .

does any of you bake cookies for Christmas ?????

hope you all have a great day !!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Nov 24, 2016

happy thanksgiving

hello my friends
happy thanksgiving to all of you .
I am excited this is a beautiful holiday ..sooo much to be thankful for .
been cooking all morning , finally sat down to rest .

looking forward to spending a nice thanksgiving with my family and friends !!!!!!!!