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hi welcome to my group. i am italian . was raised in ITALY , SO I WANT TO CREATE A GROUP that has real italian recipes . the way they cook in ITALY .. AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN VERSION OF ITALIAN FOOD BUT IT'S NOT NECESSARLY RIGHT . ALSO I WILL HAVE OTHER FOODS IN HERE , BUT MAINLY ITALIAN .


my daughter's birthday

By Letizia Tripp - Yesterday at 10:36 AM

hello everyone! I am in a very good mood today .. yeahhh! it's my beautiful daughter's birthday .. I am baking her a surprise birthday cake . it wasn't planned , I decided at last minute to make it with what I had at hand . so I baked 2...


cooking a few meals today

By Letizia Tripp - Tuesday at 3:14 PM

since I had the day off today , I cooked a few meals for few nights . make it easier for me when I have to work. for tonight I made a small eggplant parmiggiana . I love this dish. I am trying to eat healthy, so I will not...


finally a day off

By Letizia Tripp - Monday at 2:42 PM

hello everybody , I haven't heard any comments from anybody .. where is everybody ?? hope you are all doing good . I just had a very long tiring week, working long hours and straight without a day off . too old for this .. UGH! finally I got a...


New way of cooking pasta?

By Bonnie Beck - Friday, August 22 at 6:44 PM

HUH? I have always good my spag this way. Only thing I don't do is use the cooking water to thin the sauce.


hi everybody .. long tiring day .

By Letizia Tripp - Tuesday, August 19 at 5:23 PM

I was off from work today , but I had some medical things to do . I did the important test today that I talked about , but don't know the results yet . then had to go to the grocery store . I been eating healthy for a while...