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Post requests for you long lost favorites. We all love to cook and you'd be surprised how many of us have the exact recipe you're looking for!

Italian Chicken recipe

By Lisa Lornie
Jan 9, 2015
I went to an Italian restaurant years ago and ordered a dish that I cant remember the name of. It was a chicken breast with some kind of sauce ,shrimp and mushrooms under a blanket of muenster cheese. Does anyone know what the name of this could be and maybe even have the recipe? Thanks in advance, Lisa

Campbells Soup BBQ Sauce?

By Sapphire Ice
Dec 17, 2014
I'm looking for a bbq pork recipe that I found in a Campbells soup leaflet about 18 years ago - most of the recipes called for a can of Tomato Bisque soup. I know that you browned the pork chops, put them in a baking dish, mixed up the sauce and poured it over the chops and baked until tender. It was soooo good, but I can only find others using regular tomato soup, and some have other additives that this one did not (ie, chopped onions, another can of soup, etc.) From what I barely remember, I thought it had me add a little vinegar, brown sugar, & hot sauce. I sure miss it!

Easy Garlic Knots

By Jacky Friedman
Dec 9, 2014
I'm looking for an easy to do recipe for Garlic Knots. I was told there is one that uses bread stick or pizza dough.
I plan to make them with Christmas dinner.
Any help would be appreciated.
You can email the recipe to me at


Please put garlic knot recipe in the subject line so I don't delete it.

Thank you

looking for a tuna loaf recipe

By Terry Turner
Dec 4, 2014
My mom used to make a tuna loaf that was great hot or cold. She passed away in 1989 and I have been searching for this recipe for years! Please, does anyone know of such a recipe? Keeping my fingers crossed :)

navy bean soup made with canned beans

By Joey Wolf
Nov 13, 2014
My household is small, I'm hungry for ham n beans and cornbread; but my recipe makes a vat of soup. I'd like to find a recipe for a soup made from a couple of cans of navy beans. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking drain and rinse the canned beans, add water/chicken or veggie stock, ham hock let it simmer awhile add some onions, carrots and celery (which I always add to my ham n bean soup) my usual recipe also calls for a # of velveta and a can of cr of mushroom soup, but I'm trying to get away from so much salt.

An Old Fashioned Applesauce Cake Recipe

By Julia Ferguson
Nov 11, 2014
I'm looking for an old fashioned applesauce cake recipe. I remember my mother stirring the baking soda into the unsweetened applesauce to make it foam. It also had raisins and nuts and was either 2 layers or could be put into a tube pan. It was a moist cake but dense and heavy. It may have also had buttermilk in the cake, but not sure about that.

I have done several searches on Google and found several, but none that stirs the baking soda into the applesauce.

My mother always iced the cake with a thick chocolate icing, but that may have been her spin on the recipe.

Thanks to all my JAP friends for any and all help.

Freezer Food

By Gayle Shepherd
Nov 11, 2014
Could anyone tell me how long you can keep Chicken Spaghetti frozen in tthe freezer?
Everything is cooked in the casserole. Thanks for your help


By Bonnie D.
Nov 3, 2014
I don't remember what group this conversation took place on about a couple of weeks ago. It took me a couple of weeks to have the time to get it posted because I have had so much company. The recipe and tutorial is now posted, and here is the link, Enjoy!