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Post requests for you long lost favorites. We all love to cook and you'd be surprised how many of us have the exact recipe you're looking for!
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Jane McMillan janenov46 - Jan 26, 2014
I made stuffed poblano peppers last night and the filling was delish, and will be using it for other things like shells and manicotti. My question is the poblanos weren't quite done after 40 minutes of cooking. my MIL said maybe should have put them in boiling water any ideas...
Gayle Shepherd gl88 - Jan 25, 2014
Just wondered if anyone might have a easy chicken cordon Bleu casserole recipe/ Thanks
Judy Kaye paintedcookie - Jan 24, 2014
Does anyone have the recipe for Tator Tots from America's Test Kitchen? I have tried to get the recipe from their site and they want me to sign up for a trial. I've done that before and always wind up sending things back I didn't want and didn't order. But...
Pat Morris AugustgaPat - Jan 22, 2014
Since Pizza Hut is has their medium and large pizzas on sale (one-half price) for the month of January, I thought that I would order a couple for the people I work with to have for lunch tomorrow (I am not part of management -just work part-time and get paid...
Beth Ferrell egordon12020 - Jan 22, 2014
Everyone in my house is sick but me and they all want the chicken noodle soup that my husband's grandma makes, however I am not on speaking terms with most of his family so I'm posting here. I'm looking for an nontraditional (at least to me) chicken noodle soup recipe...
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