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Post requests for you long lost favorites. We all love to cook and you'd be surprised how many of us have the exact recipe you're looking for!


New disccussion group for posting recalls

By Bonnie Beck
Aug 21, 2014
Thought it would be a good idea just to have a specific place for posting "Recalls!"


gall bladder cleanse

By Joey Wolf
Aug 21, 2014
does anyone have a recipe for a homeopathic gall bladder treatment or cleanse? I used one years ago, and lost it. It's been a miserable week for me and I just don't have time to be sick right now...sigh....like there's ever a good time

Breakfast dippers?

By 'Ria Murphy
Aug 16, 2014
My daughter loves those breakfast sausage wrapped in pancake on a stick things (like corndogs) you can get in the freezer section at the store. The problem?
(a) I rarely trust the ingredients in pre-processed foods.
(b) We're poor.

I've tried twice now, but can't seem to get my pancake batter to stick to the sausage to deep fry them, and I would really like to make a huge batch of these for the freezer for her in the mornings. Can anyone help?

My Strawberry Surprise Cake

By Junia Sonier
Aug 15, 2014
Ok I'm going to be brave and submit to the group my very first recipe I ever submitted on Just-A-Pinch. I hope you all try it and like it like my family did. If you try it please rate it and leave me a review to let me know how you liked it. Thank you in advance if you try it.

Strawberry Surprise Cake

Fresh Corn

By Bennie Shaw
Aug 14, 2014
What is the best way to freeze fresh sweet corn. Our neighbor is a farmer and brought us a bag of the sweetest corn, already cleaned and ready to cook. With just the two of us, I want to freeze most of it. Thanks for any and all info.

recipes viewed

By Shannon Hatfield
Aug 12, 2014
How do you get your recipes viewed by more people? How do I get my recipe done in test kitchen? I just recently started posting my recipes and I am not sure how this works yet. I have tried recipes and have become more eager to learn more about this. Any information will be helpful.

Recipe search Help

By Kate Wahl
Aug 12, 2014
HI everyone,

I'm in need of some direction as to were i can find a recipe that uses cheerios and peanut butter and I think butter and brown sugar, the last three ingredients I think were heated on the stove and then added to the dry cheerios and mixed in until coated then dumped onto a greased Jelly Roll pan and pressed out like you would do for Rice Krispies. Any help would be Greatly appriciated.

Thanks and God Bless.


By C W
Aug 12, 2014
I am looking for a recipe with a combination of marinated sliced grilled eggplant, fresh sliced tomatoes, and sliced mozzarella cheese. It is something like a caprese salad, but it also has the eggplant with it. If anyone has it, I would absolutely love to obtain it!! Thank you