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Post requests for you long lost favorites. We all love to cook and you'd be surprised how many of us have the exact recipe you're looking for!

Beth M.
Nov 4, 2015

Were you watching the Cooking Channel recently when "It's Better Than Mama Makes" aired?

I was watching it and there were several different people who ate in different restaurants where a "favorite recipe" was demonstrated. There was one which had ITALIAN SAUSAGE, BROCCOLINI AND PASTA, and I tried to recall the ingredients and make it. I didn't have the correct pasta, or was it gnocchi? I used whole grain linguini, and made a sauce with parmesan cheese and half-and-half. It was tasty! If I could recall the actual recipe, I'd be even happier.

Diane Hughes
Nov 4, 2015

Carrot Cake

In 1963 my Mom brought a recipe home for carrot cake made with black walnuts and baked in a angel food pan. No frosting.
Can anyone help me? Over the years I've baked them all. Changed the nuts to black walnuts and baked them in bundt pans. Still haven't found it.

Millie Johnson
Oct 31, 2015

Chicken scaloppini... ish *Looking for a recipe !!!

I am looking for a tried and true recipe for a chicken scaloppini dish that my mom used to make. She passed away without sharing her recipe. I'm sure she got it our of a magazine at some time as she was an avid reader. Her recipe had chicken breast torn or diced, julienned ham and sliced mushrooms in a gravy with pasta or egg noodles (or in her case No-Yolks egg noodles). I would love to find a recipe similar to hers. Any help will be greatly appreciated ! Tia.

Michelle Rice
Oct 11, 2015

Anyone ever make Gnocchi before?

I made the copy cat version of Olive Gardens soup, but I wasn't crazy about the gnocchi I used. The rest was spot on.

Leanne D.
Oct 6, 2015

Looking for a GREAT cookie recipe!

For the past few years we've had a baking completion on Christmas,this year it's cookies.Everyone has had all my cookies so I'm coming to you great bakers for your most famous,most delicious cookie ever! my cousin told me she's already practicing!I guess we're very competitive! Doesn't have to be a "Christmas cookie:most of the judges aren't crazy about nuts so no nuts is a good choice.Other than that,anything goes.
Thanks in advance for sharing your most promising cookie!

Michelle Rice
Sep 13, 2015

A good clam fritter recipe.

Looking for a batter that isn't heavy or too light. Any ideas?

Michelle Rice
Sep 13, 2015

Clam Fritter recipe.

Does anyone have a batter that is not too heavy? Among the hundred's of recipes I can't seem to find one I like. Any ideas?

Nancy D
Sep 3, 2015

xtra bread slices

Good morning,

My husband and I like to get a loaf of French or Italian bread when doing errands at Walmart. But it does not stay fresh long, especially in the warm heat we are still having. I know I can put it in the freezer and do , but wonder what all of you do? Its hot to bake later in the day and wonder if I made a bread pudding, early morning, if it would be very good for after supper dessert. I haven't made many bread puddings. or other ideas ?
We also love to slice a wide wedge, toast in the the morning. then rub it with a clove of garlic all over, sprinkle with olive oil and a little chopped tomato with our coffee in the morning. YUM. We lived in Europe years ago and that's what they do there.
but looking for other ideas for the bread.