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This group is for anyone that loves house plants and for people that want to learn more about how to take care of them and i am one of those people!HELP!!!

Hello I am new to the group

By Shannon Scarborough
Apr 11, 2014
Hello I love house plants. I live in Las Vegas so it is very hot outside and many of my pretty flowers would not survive outside. I have around 40 potted plants inside. All but a few flower at some time of the year. Flowers make me happy.

I am new to this group

By Jean Fisher
Apr 2, 2014
I Love Houseplants. My front bay window is full. I restart them every so often & end up with more. I brought some starts inside from my geraniums last fall. They are blooming & doing great. Just waiting to warm up outside so I can plant them.

Have a Great Day!!


By Crystal Guyer
Mar 2, 2014
Does anyone know a sure-fire way to get rid of weevils and KEEP them away??? I've tried throwing out everything I found with them in it and buying new stuff, but I'm still finding them occasionally and it's getting expensive!!!


By Lori Spaidal
Mar 2, 2014
have what looks like fruit flies all over my house and don't know how to get rid of them. There is no fruit sitting on the counter or anything else that would cause these. Any hints to get rid of them? They are annoying!


By Janice Ross
Dec 28, 2012
My Bird's Nest fern is dying. Is there anyway to bring these back to life. I have one leaf that looks ok. I am sick over this fern. I think I must have watered it too much. Any help or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you Janice


By Jean Alphin
May 5, 2012
I'm a newbie, from Pennsylvania. I love house plants. I'm far from having a green thumb.
What type of plant do you get,for a not so sunny room?
I need help!!


By Bonnie Andersen
Mar 27, 2012
I love cactus and have a large variety. My collection is over 50 and I love them all. It's hard to love on them, ouch. but I talk to them and tell them to grow and I've had great luck with them.

I was wondering if there are other cactus lovers out there? I would to exchange cuttings with other cactus lovers.

I love my plants !

By Elaine Repoza
Mar 27, 2012
Hello , my name is Elaine ( Teta on here ) and I love house plants , if i had my way our house would prob look like a jungle . I have 2 Moses in the boat, 2 red gloxzinias, 2 purple african violets , a couple of Christmas cactuses , and some vine plant.
I used to work as a house keeper in the local hospital and when someone checked out and did not want to take their plant w/ them , i asked if i could have it or if they just left it behind , i gave it a home .I had a box down in the laundry room and come the end of the week i uually had some plants to take home .

I now am reserectiing some poinsettia plants that my father in law had at holiday time . My husband brought them home thinking i could use the flower pots to put plants in ( he,s become addapted to my obsession ) and i looked at them as i took them out of the dirt and said hmmm, i wonder . I put them in fresh soil, gave them a drink of water, put a jobes food stick in and the one has taken off very nicely . The other one i think still needs alittle more tlc so when the good weather comes back i will put them outside to see how the other one does .

I have also bought plants from Walmart when they are 1/2 dead and brought them back to life too . Wish i could find a job doing this , I d love it ! Sorry to be so long thank you for letting me join , Elaine