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For anyone and everyone...Come and enjoy the taste of India...

Ethnic flavors from an Indian kitchen to yours...unite under the kinship of Indian Food...

P S: Strictly for People to bond over food...It's going to be food, fun, food, more fun, more food and lots of fun all the way....
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Preethi Raghav justmyid - Feb 14, 2013
Wishing u all a wonderful valentines day!!

Always with much love from my Indian Kitchen

Does anyone have a good kulfi recipe?
Preethi Raghav justmyid - Jul 3, 2012
dear all,

welcome new members and good-old friends :)

Here's another question for you all...

What would you make if you were invited to an Indian Summer Pot-luck dinner/get-together party? :)

Let's see how interesting this thread can get...

Love from my Indian Kitchen
Preethi Raghav justmyid - Jun 15, 2012
Dear All members (new and old) I extend a warm welcome to all the members of the Indian Cooking group! Hope you have a delicious stay here Also, here's a question?? Can you answer in just one sentence or 100 words what motivated you to join this club? It would...
Preethi Raghav justmyid - May 31, 2012
My husband and I have been thinking about it for a while now :) I am also planning to cook my own meals and take it along for the 6 days we spend in you think it's a good idea? Would love to hear/receive your inputs for the same...
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