Help a Family, Friend, Neighbors, and Strangers in Need
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This group is about helping others.And others helping us. Where we share our kindness with others. This is a Dog eat Dog world but we all need the help of others. So lets all be here for each other. Just a smile or a kind word can make a differance. Thank you Bob for helping me with this.Let us remember that God is with us every step of the way.
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Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - 17 Hours Ago
Good Friday is a day to have peace within your home and within yourself. May the Lord shower you with his many blessing over the next few days. It is a time for miracles because he resurrected from the grave. Please remember our member Bob Wakeman. He is in the...
Cin Straw's Kitchen Straws - Thursday at 11:31 AM
This was the Highlight of my morning...a friend sent it to me♥

you may have already seen it...evidently it went around at Christmas time, but I didn't see it then.
Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - Thursday at 10:03 AM
Good Morning everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Its Easter Weekend. What are your plans for the weekend.? Mine are to go to Church and after Service we are having a dinner. Then we will have an Easter Egg Hunt for the children. Then return to home to be with my family and relax the...
Letizia Tripp Letizia_Tripp - Thursday at 7:47 AM
hi everybody ... i always hear about people having nice neighbors they are friendly with . the people in my neighborhood are not friendly . i never see my neighbors . they never say hello and next to me there is a 4plex.. well they come and go way too...
Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - Wednesday at 8:55 AM
I had so many email from JAP, They were unnecessary. Most of them I didn't need. I hope and pray they straighten this out or I,m afraid they could lose a lot of members over this. Don't forget The April Contest. The question was What Kindness have you showed? It...
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