Help a Family, Friend, Neighbors, and Strangers in Need

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This group is about helping others.And others helping us. Where we share our kindness with others. This is a Dog eat Dog world but we all need the help of others. So lets all be here for each other. Just a smile or a kind word can make a differance. Thank you Bob for helping me with this.Let us remember that God is with us every step of the way.


This is a wonderful 'rags-to-riches story'......and true too ♥

By Cin Straw's Kitchen - an Hour Ago

Navajo Indian Blanket

This is very heart moving to see this video.

A man lost a leg and was having a hard time making ends meet while getting a modest disability check.
He thought about selling an old Indian blanket that he inherited from his family.
Watch the auction!
This is a...

Missed ya'll

By Donna Keith - 9 Hours Ago

My computer was in for repairs last week, sad to say there were lots of bad things wrong with it. Happy to say, that it is now fixed. But, on a very sad note, now I have to buy another computer doesn't read my memory card I won't...

Glen Campbell Singing I'm Gonna Miss

By Zelda Hopkins - 9 Hours Ago

Glen Campbell Has Alzheimers and this is the last song he is ever going to record before his memory becomes to bad.

Created myself a new tasty dessert today (I'm calling it).....Mexican S`mores

By Cin Straw's Kitchen - 10 Hours Ago

I took a large flour tortilla smeared it with "Peanut Butter & Co, all natural, White Chocolate Wonderful" then put some torn-up marshmallows on just one side, folded the other side over on top,.........put it in to microwave for 25 seconds, then another 25 seconds until the marshmallows puffed up...

i love zucchini .. how many of you love it ?

By Letizia Tripp - 11 Hours Ago

hi everyone , I been making a lot of things with zucchini lately . I love zucchini . all Italians do I think . the other day I made zucchini bread for the first time . never made it before or ate it . so I wanted to try it...