Help a Family, Friend, Neighbors, and Strangers in Need
Started Tue, Feb 21, 2012 by
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This group is about helping others.And others helping us. Where we share our kindness with others. This is a Dog eat Dog world but we all need the help of others. So lets all be here for each other. Just a smile or a kind word can make a differance. Thank you Bob for helping me with this.Let us remember that God is with us every step of the way.
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Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - 3 Hours Ago
I usually don't run out to buy movies. I wait until I can get them from Go Hastings. But this is one movie that I will break that rule. I want it so bad. Heaven is for Real I'm going to get it as soon as I can. Do any...
Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - 5 Hours Ago
Good Morning everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking about my Mother last night because some one asked me about one of her recipes I posted. Well after a good cry because I miss her so much I decided to ask all of you to name one or two items that she used...
Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - 6 Hours Ago
I would like to welcome our newest member to our club, Melanie B. I'm so excited to have you. Get a cup of coffee or tea and pull up a Chair and joined in on the conversation or make a new conversation. Again welcome to the group Melanie.
Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - 22 Hours Ago
I guess no one wanted to try these ingredients. That's okay and the new has worn off. So I will not post anymore for a while.
Zelda Hopkins Zelda51 - Yesterday at 9:35 AM
Can you name 5 things that you love about State Fairs?
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