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This group is about helping others.And others helping us. Where we share our kindness with others. This is a Dog eat Dog world but we all need the help of others. So lets all be here for each other. Just a smile or a kind word can make a differance. Thank you Bob for helping me with this.Let us remember that God is with us every step of the way.

Zelda Hopkins
Feb 1, 2016

Come One Come All, It's Contest Time Again, Join Us For A Good Time

February Recipe Contest.

Please enter your best recipes with the word RED in the title or one of the recipe ingredients, in honor of Valentine's Day and the fact that February is National Heart Health Awareness month.

Also, for extra credit...enter your best recipe for Groundhog.

There will be a prize awarded after the judges check out your recipes at the end of the month.

Post your entries here in this group. Please do not PM them to me as I might miss then, since I'm currently not able to be here daily.

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Sharon Colyer
7 Hours Ago


My good friend, Cin Straw, went to Joplin, MO today & found her!! She had some problems she was dealing with at home. Not sure, of all the details, but she did get sick & was in the hospital 3 wks. Then went to a nursing home/rehab facility. Thank the Lord for answered prayers!

Joplin Health & Rehab Center
2218 W. 32nd St.
Joplin, MO 64804-3514
Attn: Zelda Hopkins, Rm. 507, Bed 2

Straws Kitchen
8 Hours Ago

My Hubby and I went to see Zelda today

You will be glad to know she is being taken care of in the Joplin Health and Rehab Center (Nursing Home).

She has been there for several months....after being in the hospital for a few weeks.
If you'd like to send her a card she'd love hearing from you.

Also keep her in your prayers, she is doing better.

Joplin Health and Rehab Center
2218 W. 32nd Street
Joplin, MO 64804-3514
Zelda Hopkins (Room 507 bed 2)

Tammy Brownlow
Tuesday at 11:32 AM

List of members from this group...

I have researched and found a list of folks from this group who live in MO:

Lisa Coffman
Samantha Dailey
Stephanie Dodd
Sally Gann
Margaret Goodrich
Trudy Hibler

Alesia Richardson
Judy Kaye
Janet Scott
Suzy T
Heather Wagner

Cindy White

If anyone knows someone from the list - maybe PM them and ask if they may be able to help locate Zelda. If anyone hears anything keep us posted.

Renée G.
Tuesday at 10:37 AM

Desperate times call for Desperate measures.

Ordinarily, I would NEVER do this, but maybe someone will have more luck contacting someone than I have. Zelda would snatch a knot in my for giving out her private information, but I think under the circumstances, it's time for drastic measures.

I have tried to have the Sheriff's dept. check on her - all they can do is a drive by. IF a family member with proper identification should request a "well being check," then they will go to the door. At the time I last spoke with her, there were five other people living in the house besides her. Her son, his wife, two children and another personal friend of Zelda's. You'd think at some point, SOMEBODY would answer the phone, pick up a message, something!

If one of you has another idea besides trying to call or contact someone on FB - please do so with my blessings.

Zelda Hopkins
109 South Oronogo Street
Webb City, MO. 64870

Phone – 417-673-7046

Andy Anderson !
Monday at 6:29 PM

Okay... Enough is Enough

Has anyone heard from Zelda... ANYONE???

Do we know if she is alive or passed on???

I know that she is not in the best of health, and I know that she has family members who are not what you would call "care givers."

Renée G.
Jun 11, 2016

If Suddenly We Knew

By Marie Grant

If suddenly we knew today
Was going to be our last
I'm sure we'd do a lot of things
Neglected in the past;

Like rising very early
So we wouldn't miss the dawn
Or running barefoot down a hill
Before the dew was gone

I'm sure we'd greet our neighbors
With a very special smile
And visit friends we haven't seen
In quite a little while.

Then I think we'd ask God
For extra time to do
Those things we never did before
And lots of others too.

For then I believe we'd realize
That our total worth
Depends upon the things we do
While we are here on earth

Letizia Tripp
Jun 11, 2016

need some prayers please!

hello my friends ,
I haven't been on here that much lately ..
I have been having a lot of health problems.. still struggling and been praying a lot .
can I please ask to whoever is reading this to pray for me ?? I need a lot of prayers .
thank you from the bottom of my heart!