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This group is about helping others.And others helping us. Where we share our kindness with others. This is a Dog eat Dog world but we all need the help of others. So lets all be here for each other. Just a smile or a kind word can make a differance. Thank you Bob for helping me with this.Let us remember that God is with us every step of the way.

Zelda Hopkins
Feb 1, 2016

Come One Come All, It's Contest Time Again, Join Us For A Good Time

February Recipe Contest.

Please enter your best recipes with the word RED in the title or one of the recipe ingredients, in honor of Valentine's Day and the fact that February is National Heart Health Awareness month.

Also, for extra credit...enter your best recipe for Groundhog.

There will be a prize awarded after the judges check out your recipes at the end of the month.

Post your entries here in this group. Please do not PM them to me as I might miss then, since I'm currently not able to be here daily.

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Connie Ottman
12 Hours Ago

Ta-Da computer totals

Here are the total costs and donation for Zelda's computer:

Total donations $460.00
Total costs. $376.00

Money excess remaining in Zelda's account:
+$ 84.00.

If anyone has an idea on how we should spend the $ 84, let me know. Otherwise, I'll keep it in her account until we hear of something she wants or needs.

Again, many thanks to all our earth angel donors♡♡♡

Renée G.
Thursday at 9:49 AM

Zelda update Thursday

Just called Zelda to let her know some picture frames she'd requested should arrive tomorrow. Andy sent her some paintings that she wanted to have put on her wall. She said she'd been talking to Linda Smith this morning. That made her happy.

She said she is staying in bed today. Her ankle, where she broke it, is swollen and extremely painful today. She said she'd been reading a book that Rose Mary brought and working a word search puzzle book.

Someone came to help her get the laptop set up yesterday - Zelda told her what password she wanted to use but then when Zelda tried to get into the computer later...the password didn't work. So, today someone is supposed to come and check on that.

She sends her love to all her friends here.

That was about it; she sounded weak and tired, so we didn't stay on the phone long.

Albert Reynolds
Thursday at 5:55 AM

Update on John Harvey, Dawns uncle.

We went to see him yesterday in the rehab center. He's doing better than I was lead to believe.
He does not have those so-called "squirrel cages" on his legs. He does have screws & pins holding some bones together. I'll start at the bottom & work my way up.
The 3 smallest toes on his left foot are broken. The leg cast covers them.
One bone in his lower left leg was broken just above the ankle. He has screws in it. This same bone was also broken just below the knee, more screws. He said there was a pin inside the bone on each end to hold it straight.
His left pelvis was cracked in 2 places. One place in front, one in back just behind the hip joint.
Just above his right ankle, both bones in his leg were broken. This time, they put screws & pins.
Both knees were shattered. It may be 2 years before they can get him to walk with a cane. He will always walk with a limp.
Going up a little higher, he has some cracked vertebrae in his back & 2 or 3 broken vertebrae in his neck.
He lost his hearing in his right ear, but, the doctors think it may come back later. He still has a bruise on the right side of his brain.
He doing good to be alive. GOD was certainly watching over him that day.
Dawn said last night that she didn't know she married a man old enough to be her uncle. I'm 65, John is 67.

Renée G.
Wednesday at 9:54 AM


I just had a phone call from Zelda and she scared me at first. She was sobbing and crying so much I couldn't understand what she was saying. I thought something terrible had happened.

Well, turns out she was just overwhelmed because the laptop had arrived. And there's a plausible explanation as to why it took so long.

Seems the UPS truck arrived with several boxes of cleaning/maintenance supplies and among all the boxes was Zelda's laptop. The maintenance man just signed for it all and put it all in the supply room. Then...someone noticed that this one pkg. was meant for Zelda and not for the facility. It was brought to her room this morning and she's just beside herself with gratitude and love for all of you who helped to get this to her.

Thank you Connie for doing all the leg work to make this happen. Zelda has tried to call you this morning but apparently you're not home.

The laptop is plugged in and charging now...and there's a lady from the office who will come down to Zelda's room once it's all charged up and ready to go to help her know how to use it and how to get on line.

So, on Zee's behalf. "THANK YOU & MAY GOD BLESS YOU."

Connie Ottman
Tuesday at 8:17 PM

Just hung up with Zelda

Just a moment ago, I was seeking to Zelda. She isn't feeling very well today. It's going to rain there and her legs are really hurting her. She's taking pain med every 4 hours.

I asked her if she had recited a package lately. She rattled off the packages but no computer to her yet.

Now, before I tell you the next thing, no one "panic". I have this under control.
According to Amazon, her computer was delivered to the front desk last Wednesday, August 17th.

I didn't tell Zelda it was a comuter but I asked her to check on a "very important package" that was deliver r doing last Wednesday. I told who signed for it. So, she's checking on that when the employees get there in the am.
If they say they haven't received it, then, of course, I'll be on the phone with Amazon immediately after that.

Please be patient while this mystery plays out. Who knows, it may be in Zelda's hands by noon:-)

Will keep you in the loop as I play Angie Dickenson. Sleep well everyone.♡

Renée G.
Tuesday at 10:24 AM

Just talked with Zelda

She had received a couple of pkgs. from different ones and she was telling me what all she received. No mention of laptop, so I'm sure it's not there, yet.

She sounded short of breath as she was talking and had called for the nurse to put her oxygen on for a little while.

Aside from that she said she was doing okay. She's getting a pedicure this afternoon. :-)

Jean Fisher
Tuesday at 10:01 AM

New Group Name for Grandma to Grandma group

For all of you that are a member of the Grandma to Grandma group, the name was changed last night. We have had several Grandpas join. It is now "Loving Grandparents ".