Help a Family, Friend, Neighbors, and Strangers in Need

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This group is about helping others.And others helping us. Where we share our kindness with others. This is a Dog eat Dog world but we all need the help of others. So lets all be here for each other. Just a smile or a kind word can make a differance. Thank you Bob for helping me with this.Let us remember that God is with us every step of the way.

Come One Come All, It's Contest Time Again, Join Us For A Good Time

By Zelda Hopkins
Feb 1, 2016
February Recipe Contest.

Please enter your best recipes with the word RED in the title or one of the recipe ingredients, in honor of Valentine's Day and the fact that February is National Heart Health Awareness month.

Also, for extra credit...enter your best recipe for Groundhog.

There will be a prize awarded after the judges check out your recipes at the end of the month.

Post your entries here in this group. Please do not PM them to me as I might miss then, since I'm currently not able to be here daily.

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Your Raise Me Up

By Renée G.
Sunday, April 24 at 9:22 AM
When burdens on me heavy lie
And despair draws ever nigh
You raise me to a newer high,
Till life's troubles pass me by.

In my journeys darkest time
You let your holy light shine,
Lighting up my stony pathway
To the start of a brighter day.

When I am fallen and broken
I hear your soft words spoken,
Your love lifts me to stand tall,
Caring whispers guide thru it all.

You raise me to mountains peak
Each time I'm weary and weak,
I rise up to soar with new wings
When to your loving hand I cling.

As I've stumbled and tumbled down
You've lifted me to grander ground,
Placing me on the road of right,
Reviving my spirit within your light.

When through turbulent seas I sail
And my waning spirit begins to fail
You calm the waters setting me free
And chart a soothing course for me.

When I'm deep in the pit of despair
I kneel in prayer and you are there,
You raise me to soar like an eagle,
Lifting my hopes to heights regal.

I can feel you heal my broken wings
When life's spears and arrows sting,
Those times I'm hurting deep inside,
You tend wounds and mend my pride.

Many times before you I've kneeled
And each time Father you've healed,
Raising me from depths to clearly see
A trouble-free path that leads to thee.

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By Renée G.
Apr 23, 2016
Every wind chime is lovingly created
With pure harmony and infinite tone,
Sharing its beauty with no other one
With a melody all of its own.

The beautiful sound of rustling chimes
Swaying in the evening breeze,
Creates a tranquil atmosphere
And a melody that is sure to please.

Bathed in the glow of a full spring moon,
The reflection like a shimmering sea;
Calling out with a haunting refrain,
Singing softly a song just for me.

Beautiful chimes, perfectly arranged,
One by one in harmonious array;
Singing their song, evoking a spell
Of enchantment as they gently sway.

Awakening memories of days gone by
When dreams were fresh and alive.
The chimes convey a sense of belonging,
Like honey bees drawn to the hive.

I love to listen to the stirring sounds,
The renditions of nature's sweet song.
The beautiful music, created with love
Will forever, to the wind chimes, belong.

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Quiet Time


By Rose Mary Mogan
Apr 17, 2016
I called Zelda today, but did not get to speak to her. However I was able to leave a message this time. I told her that we are all concerned about her and thinking of her, and that I just wanted to hear her voice. I hope she can and will respond soon and if she does I will let you know.

My Aunt passed away, so I will be leaving on Thursday to attend the funeral, it is in Arkansas. Should I hear from her before that time I will let you know. All we can do is to be prayerful that she gets better. Just thought I would let you know that I haven't heard from her. Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.


By Renée G.
Apr 16, 2016
I saw a sunray today
Beam across the bay,
Smiling between clouds of gray
Before it quickly danced away.

I saw robin red breast
Fluff his brilliant chest,
Just a showoff on the fence
But I haven't seen him since.

I saw geese in the sky
Honking as they flew by,
A noisy clatter they put forth
As they winged their way north.

A crocus poked its head
From it's icy garden bed
Struggling to reach the light
Wakening from winters plight.

I saw new buds on a tree
Preparing to make leaves,
They pay no heed at all
That another snow may fall.

I noticed the morning light
Is stealing from the night,
Temperatures slowly warm
With each days early morn.

I think winter will soon be over,
I'll wiggle my toes in new clover,
I'll warm my face in spring's sun
Marking time till summers fun.

~Ken Ellison

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Any News about Zelda?

By Pam Ellingson
Apr 14, 2016
ZEE!!! Where are you??? I am still concerned about Zelda. Just wondering if any has heard anything?

Have a beautiful day