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This group is dedicated to all things related to ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet. Recipes and ideas for serving or making store bought products better, creative ideas for serving, special memories, and opinions on products are all welcome.

Firey Ice Cream !

By Millie Johnson
Oct 28, 2015
While making my usual chocolate ice cream I decided to add in some cayenne pepper. Wow, was it yummy ! Leaves a nice afterglow in the back of the throat, lol. ;)
Rich & Fudgy Fiery Ice Cream, Millie's

Heavenly hash ice cream

By Catherine Ferensic
May 6, 2014
Hello I'm looking for a recipe for this & also recipes for other that no machine is required

Ice Cream Makers

By Linda Cushmeyer
Sep 29, 2013
I was thinking of asking for an ice cream machine for Christmas. I did some research and it seems that most people recommend the Cuisinart. Do any of you have suggestions or recommendations? Thanks.

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

By Patsy G
Feb 23, 2013
My Mother used to make the best vanilla ice cream,I'm sorry I didn't pay closer attention to how she made it. I loved the flavor of can milk. I know it also had milk,sugar,vanilla extract and eggs, she cooked it then cooled the custard and put it in the ice cream freezer. In those days we had a hand crank,but everyone took turns and when it was ready it was WONDERFUL ! Anyone have a similar recipe?

Reaching out to other ice cream lovers

By linda gable
Feb 21, 2013
Patsy, I am so glad you joined this group! I think it has a lot of potential for us ice cream lovers. :-) I wish I could spread the word that this group exists to other members who might be interested. Any ideas?


By linda gable
Feb 18, 2013
Welcome to all! Here are three great recipes for Philadelphia style or "egg free" vanilla ice cream. They are very similar, but all are delicous and extremely easy and adaptable. A fabulous base for chocolate or other flavors and for stirring in all your favorite chopped candies, nuts, fruits, and toppings.

Philadelphia Style Vanilla Ice Cream

Philly Style Double Vanilla Ice Cream (No Egg)

"Serious" Vanilla Ice Cream