Beans, beans, the musical fruit!

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Healthy, frugal, filling, what's not to like about beans? Dried, canned or frozen, beans are an inexpensive form of protein that are eaten all over the world. It's time we had a group celebrating beans!


By Pat Duran
Jan 10, 2014
Thanks to Melanie B..I found this site..thanks for starting this one Heidi...hugs

I need your help...

By cindy sandberg
Feb 12, 2012
I am a finalist in the Hungry Jack Use Up the Box recipe contest. At this point the recipe with the most votes wins the grand prize($6000!). Could you guys help me out with some votes? You can vote once a day at Thanks!!

Other than "baked beans" links

By Heidi Hoerman
Feb 8, 2012
Do any of you want to join me in a bean-based culinary "trip around the world?"

I generally have three go-to ways to handle beans: boiled with ham, classic baked beans, or latin/caribb-style. I looked for bean recipes in JAP and they mostly fit the same three categories.

If we are going to eat beans three times a week, as is recommended to get the cholesterol-lowering benefits, we need more variety. Beans are eaten all over the world so it's time to venture far afield.

Here's a link to some Indian recipes:

Some of them look really tasty. We'll have at least one Indian bean dish this week. When we do, I'll share what I did here.

Great idea for a group!

By cindy sandberg
Feb 6, 2012
I love beans, and they are the best budget stretcher! We have eaten a lot of bean soups this winter and even my picky kiddos are starting to enjoy them! I shared all of the bean recipes that I have on JAP to this group so check them out(not really that many yet!). My favorite is the Black Eyed Pea and Brown Rice Soup

Love them Beans.......

By Pam Ellingson
Feb 6, 2012
Not so much the byproduct. LOL So many recipes include beans now that this is an excellent topic to start Heidi!! Where would we be without Red beans and rice? Or Senate bean soup? Or even the lowly refried pinto beans? So many choices and so many wonderful spices and flavorings make beans a great alternative to meat, or a wonderful additive to meat dishes to stretch the budget. :)

Why beans?

By Heidi Hoerman
Feb 6, 2012
They are cheap. $1 or $2 buys enough canned beans to feed a small family or dried beans to feed a large one.

They are high in fiber and protein but low in fat. Exchanging beans for meat in your diet has been shown to lower cholesterol.

When the USDA measured the anti-oxidant qualities of 100 common foods, beans took the top three slots.

Beans are good for you!

A yummy surprise -- large white limas

By Heidi Hoerman
Feb 6, 2012
A yummy surprise inspired me to start a bean group for us. There are many different kinds of dried beans beckoning to us on the grocery shelves and my experiences were limited to a few. I'm probably not at all unusual in that respect. So, throwing caution to the wind, I decided to pick up a bag of large white lima beans and to boil them up with ham and veggies. They made a dreamy, creamy pot of bean soup.

So, let's share out bean adventures here!