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Started Sat, Dec 31, 2011 by
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If you enjoy making mini pies in your mini pie maker or muffin tins please join in for fun. Let's get a great Just A Pinch Collection going.
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Hello all, I just recently got a keebler uncommonly good mini pie maker. I love baking from scratch, from the crust to the filling. I was looking for some good sweet and or savory pies. The ones that came with my maker want you to obviously use keebler products and...
Maria Polideras mpoli - Jul 8, 2013
I want to make mini pies in mason jars - first time ever making pie and it is for a little contest.
im thinking apple/pecan instead of usual fruit. anyone have any recipes or suggestions?
Kathy Van Houten suds59 - Mar 17, 2013
I have six mini pie books with LOTS of recipes and tips.If your looking for some thing in particular let me know.It has been a lot of fun sharing them with my niece's kids.Don't forget there great for entertain make ahead and freeze for later.
I have just purchased the WP deep pie maker amid am excited but nervous to get started using it. I am open to lots of suggestions, ideas and recepies. I am a mom who works outside of the home and am always looking for better ways to feed my family...
Bonnie Glazier bbglaze - Jan 16, 2013
a recipe using the mini pie maker with fresh fruit. I'm pretty sure I should cook the berries; raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, but for how long and how much thickener should I use?
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