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Patty Glover
22 Hours Ago

Looking For A Recipe

Hello Everyone, I Was Wondering If Anyone Had A Recipe For Pineapple Fried Rice ? I Was At A Thai Restaurant And Ordered Some There And I Love It So If Anyone Has The Recipe, I Would Love To Get It. Thanks.


Petra Foxworth
Thursday at 8:00 AM

Fruit Salad

Does anyone know any easy fruit salad to feed at least 30 people or more??? pplease

Gayle Shepherd
Wednesday at 12:37 PM


Does anyone have a recipe for Louisana Crunch Cake using a Cake mix. Thanks

Gayle S.

Gayle Shepherd
Wednesday at 12:35 PM


Does anyone know of a recipe for Louisana Crunch Cake using a cake mix ? thanks

Sue Woodward
Tuesday, June 21 at 5:04 PM


Does anyone have a recipe for Mulberry Jam. I have some ripening and want to use them. Sweet or savory will do.

Norma Keel
Tuesday, June 21 at 9:56 AM

Just stopping by to say hello

I love Just A Pinch and have found so many wonderful recipes on here just wanted to drop by and say thanks for a great website.

Tina Evans
Monday, June 20 at 5:31 AM

just saying hello

I am just stopping by to say hello.

Kimberley Willingham
Sunday, June 19 at 5:58 PM

Substitute for cream cheese

Hello All!
I was looking at some recipes (especially frostings) and saw that cream cheese is sometimes called for. Believe it or not but I hate the taste. Especially as a frosting. Can anyone suggest a substitute? I tried marshmallow cream and found it to be way too sweet for my tastes. (I never developed a taste for sweets as a kid. Lol)
Thank you to everyone for all the help I've received!
Cheers, Kimberley!!!