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Welcome to the neighborhood! Come on in and make yourself at home. Say hello and let fellow members know what you've got cookin'.

Mona Greer
17 Hours Ago

Been away for a few years !

Hi been away from here for a few yrs, maybe since 2013, and saw you on Twitter today, and then on Facebook the other day....
I need to get back on here, as I miss all the good recipes and talking to all the nice people on here and asking cooking questions and getting answers and asking for a new recipe and someone always comes around with the perfect recipe....

Thanks, hope to be back on here soon, once I get my new password set up....: I have forgotten what it was.....a senior moment I'm sure lol



Prince Wallace
Wednesday at 1:42 PM


Just want to say hello to all you guy"s and I look forward to the sweet smelling aroma of all these great recipes!s

Bonnie ^O^
Mar 11, 2017

This is an invitation for YOU ! Are you looking for tried and true recipes?


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We noticed that you joined the Welcome Wagon recently, and we want to extend a warm and friendly invitation for you to join our Justapinch cooking group, Tried and True Recipes! We are the largest recipe group on Justapinch, and we have over 5,000 members! We are a fun group of new cooks, home cooks and professional chefs, and we are cooking up a storm! Lots of fun chatter going on, too!
Be sure to click the red join button when you get there!
Hope to see you soon!
Bonnie - Your host at TNT (Tried and True Recipes group)

Deborah Wright
Mar 11, 2017

How do join.

Tellme how to sign u,for I was in the middle of it an it to facebook.

Lynda McLeod
Mar 11, 2017


Looking forward to sharing some recipes, I like different and avoid making the flavour of the month.

Jammie Mccullers
Mar 11, 2017

Hello I'm looking for new ideas

I've tried all the cooking sites and apps most have the same ideas. I hope I can find something new to cook for my family of 7. I like cooking stove top, oven, crock pot it doesn't matter the method. I love the kitchen but I work full time. Coming home late and cooking a good meal ( that doesn't take hours ) is hard to do.

Ruthann Talbert
Mar 11, 2017


Hello I hope I can find lots of new recipes! I am excited to get started I love Baking!

Kathy Hyman
Mar 11, 2017


You are in for a pleasant surprise. There are so many great recipes, and the.