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Welcome to the neighborhood! Come on in and make yourself at home. Say hello and let fellow members know what you've got cookin'.

Hi, and thanks for the add!

By Eva Talley Baker
42 Minutes Ago
Hey y'all!!! I LOVE to cook! This sight is so helpful with all the variety of recipes, and it will help me want to enjoy nutritious food since I'm diabetic. Loves it!!!


By Capreice Kieffer
6 Hours Ago
Just wanted to say hey y'all... New on here... Love to cook... And love to make new recipes...


By sallye bates
7 Hours Ago
WHOOPEE! You can join one or as many groups as you wish; they are all free!

Half the fun of JAP is making new friends from all over the world, and joining in all the chit-chat and conversations within the different groups.

To join a group, follow these simple instructions:

1. In upper left quadrant of feeder page click on COMMUNITY

2. Click on Discussion Groups – several options will appear on the left hand side of page

3. Option 1 is Search Groups. If you want to see all the groups, click on that and you will get a list of icons showing every group available. If you want to get an idea of what the group is all about, click on documents and comments BEFORE you click on Search Groups. Then you can see what people are discussing in that group.

4. Option 2 On left hand side of page, groups are indexed by subject of interest.

5. You can click on the subjects which interest you and that will filter and show only the groups that fit that category. For instance if you have special dietary needs, there is a heading for that; if you click on it, only the groups that fit that criteria will appear.

6. If any group interests you, just click on that icon and it will take you directly to that group.

7. Right in middle of group page is a red icon that says JOIN GROUP.

8. Click on that; you are now a member of that group. It’s just that simple.

9. You can join as few or as many groups as you wish. It’s all free! Most members belong to several groups.

10. If you later decide any group is not for you, just click on the icon that says UNJOIN. You can always re-join later if you change your mind.


By Star Oldham
7 Hours Ago
Thank you for adding me,
I love too cook and bake and I'm always looking for new recipes to try. And I can wait , to try some of y'all's. And being from the south, y'all know we love, pie. So I think I'll start with the buttermilk pie that I saw today.
And I look forward to sharing some of my momma's recipes that I just love to eat, and growing up, I remember that even though she worked a day job out side the home, that when she had time off, she loved to either be in the kitchen, or sewing and some times she did both together, so I'd come home from school, and our house would feel all warm , and smell wonderful. And she would have already had supper just about finished cooking, and something sweet on top of, or in the oven. And be in her sewing room with the machine just a humming away. I never really cared much about, learning to sew. But I sure learned a lot about cooking. And every time my family members or friends compliment me, I smile and say Thank you momma to myself. So I hope you enjoy her recipes too.
Thanks again.
Star Oldham

I can't believe all the wonderful recipes!

By Shay Allen
17 Hours Ago
I found this site while looking for new recipes for my husband who is newly diabetic. Found quite a few fabulous sounding recipes! He's EXTREMELY picky so I was worried but I think he'll be fine now that I found you all!

A big hello to all of you from Almost Heaven, West Virginia!

Yesterday at 7:56 AM
I LOVE trying new recipes so this site is perfect. I'll be looking for some
great recipes to try.

Another cooker

Sunday at 8:52 AM
I'm blessed because I have a 13 yr old son who does all the cooking and baking, so we love using your site to find new recipes for us to try out

Back to basic cooking

By Pamela Booker
Sunday at 8:41 AM
Hello All...I love to cook, can, dehydrate, garden and E A T !!! So it looks like this is going to be another site that will consume more time than I have to give. But learning anything "cooking" is never a waste of time. So I look forward to getting new recipe's and new know how from this site. Thanks so much!