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New here

By Mary Witchley
33 Minutes Ago
Just saying hello!!

Hello from Ohio

By Daphne Meeker
11 Hours Ago
Newbie here from Ohio... Just wanted to say hello...

Hello from Texas

By Tina Smith
19 Hours Ago
We love to eat! So grateful I found this website. I look forward to trying many new recipes.

Newbie from TN

By Angela Newcomb
21 Hours Ago
Hi Everybody,
I'm new to the site but am seeing some really delicious looking recipes here. I work a full time job and haven't always been the best cook in world. No need in stretching the truth now...lol... All of my kids are grown and gone and its just me and the hubby. I'm looking for recipes that I can throw in the crockpot and it will be ready by the time I get home in the evening. It would be nice if it was somewhat healthy but I'm not going to be overly picky. So if there are some crockpot groups I would love to join you. I have a few recipes already that I would love to share that I have tried and are great in the crockpot but need many more. I will say as far as holidays and such I have found my niche in making desserts for those and will posting more and more of my tried and true dessert recipes. Thanks so much and look forward to meeting many of you fabulous ladies and gentlemen who are such wonderful cooks to give me great cooking ideas and pointers!!

Hello from Brazil

By Perla Lewis
Yesterday at 7:33 AM
Hello everybody!
My name is Perla, I'm a Brazilian woman married to an American guy for almost 20 years now.
I love to cook and am always swapping between recipes from the US and the ones from Brazil (my husband loves Brazilian food too!!! :) )
I'm really glad I found this great site!
Cheers to all!


By Deb O'Laughlin
Sunday at 6:54 PM
Hi, I am Deb and just started to transfer my pins to here. I am hoping to get a cookbook published so I can get rid of all the paper I have laying around with recipes. My husband is diabetic so most of my recipes I will pinch are low carb and gluten free and sugar free.


By Traseda L. White
Sunday at 5:26 PM
My name is Traseda White and i have been using this site for quiet awhile now. I just save the recipes onto my computer when I come across one that looks good. I am now going to start using this site to store my recipes instead of on my computer. It is nice to be here and i am looking forward to many more recipes and to hopefully connect with other who also like to cook.

Traseda White

New to the group

By Karen Cavanaugh
Sunday at 6:33 AM
I happened to get a post on facebook with a recipe that my friends grandmother used to make all the time. So, here I am. I love to cook and bake!! Thanks for the ride!!