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Welcome to the neighborhood! Come on in and make yourself at home. Say hello and let fellow members know what you've got cookin'.

Sheri Lacasse
38 Minutes Ago


Just saying hello. Love to cook and always looking for meal ideas and planning.

Gary L
23 Hours Ago


There's an online discussion as to whether a Hot Dog Is a Sandwich or Is Not a Sandwich; what do you Think about this and will you Please add your thoughts to the Discussion?
I will hold my thoughts until the discussion progresses!

23 Hours Ago

So many new members!

Just wanted to say welcome to all the new members! This is a really great site. There is nothing you can't find here. If you ever have trouble, just post your question & someone will help you out. Happy Pinching!

Joseph Schmidt
24 Hours Ago


Just a line to say hello, and to tell you folks how much I enjoy your recipes and the comments....I frequently find additions in the comments that enhance the recipe I am looking at. I used to do commercial BBQ Catering, but after about three years, I gave it up (too much work). I still love to BBQ, but not on the commercial scale.
Looking forward to finding more of your delicious recipes!

Irene Garcia
Yesterday at 5:13 AM

Lemon Pound Cake Gluten free and Dairy free

My daughter has allergies to gluten and dairy. Is there recipes that I would find?

Judy Hildebrand
Yesterday at 11:04 PM


Just signed up, I'm known as the cookie lady in our neighborhood.