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Lamp Dimmers and Slow Cookers

By Karen Hatch
Friday at 8:03 AM
Does anyone have experience with using a lamp dimmer to reduce the temperature of a slow cooker? I read a recipe on this site for slow cooker chocolate peanut candy and wondered if a 600 Watt lamp dimmer and a candy thermometer would solve the problem of overheating the chocolate?

I love this site, it's so great!


New Member

By Natarsha Williams
Thursday at 2:46 PM
Just want to say Hello! Glad to be apart of the group looking forward to some new ideas.

Just saying hello..

By Debbie Twohig
Thursday at 1:38 PM
You have so many recipes..Can't wait to start trying some...

Just found you

By Esther Shelley
Thursday at 12:48 PM
Hi, I was looking for a dumpling recipe using sour milk, and found your site...Awesome info here! Look forward to visiting more often. :)


Just to say hello

By Linda Carol
Thursday at 11:44 AM
Just wanted to say hello. I love your sight and all the cool recipes.

Eating in Carolina

By Linda Hall
Thursday at 5:40 AM
Living in SC. Different types of cooking (actually I should say food) in this area. Originally from MI. Still not used to the grits but the weather is certainly better (for my age group anyway). Happy (recipe) hunting.

Just saying Hello from Michigan

By Geralyn Tabit-Brown
Thursday at 1:28 AM
Just saying Hello from Michigan!

Moved to Oklahoma

By cheryl Landreth
Wednesday at 9:26 AM
Hello everyone
I am also new to the group. I just moved to Oklahoma from San Antonio Texas. I can cook but looking for healthy recipes. Any ideas?