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Welcome to the neighborhood! Come on in and make yourself at home. Say hello and let fellow members know what you've got cookin'.


By Brazzkue Jones
Wednesday at 7:17 AM
Hello my name is Brazzlie. Thank you for all the good down home cooking. I can't wait to try them.


By Chasy Fronheiser
Tuesday at 11:21 AM
Hi All. New to this site, but when I saw a peanut butter cake with peanut butter icing recipe, i KNEW that this was a site i needed to be on lol! I'm definitely not an expert in the kitchen, and only a baker when i'm in the mood to be, but really love looking at new recipes to try...I TRY to keep things healthy as much as I can (I know, PB cake with PB icing doesn't count!).

Looking forward to getting and trying some great new recipes.

Wild apples!

By Jean Dennison
Tuesday at 10:29 AM

I just discovered this group/website! What great resource for people that love to cook! Thanks to the people that keep it going!

I'm up to my eyeballs in wild apples from our trees. The crop is amazing this year in northern Vermont! I've got a pantry full of homemade canned applesauce! It's great!


Hello to everyone

By Rose Rader
Tuesday at 9:13 AM
Just want to thank everyone for sharing the wonderful recipes and kind messages. Hope to share with you soon.
Fort Myers, FL

Happy September!

By Bobbie Thompson
Tuesday at 8:59 AM
The weather is cooling. Time to break out the Pumpkin spices :)

Hi Everyone

By Betty-Jean Nelson
Monday at 10:30 PM
Thanks for adding me, everyone here is so friendly. :)


By Faye Cullen
Monday at 7:21 PM
Hi my name is Faye and i am from Tennessee and looking forward to trying new recipes. I'm looking for the banana caramel stab pie. Can someone please help me???

Hello to ya from Brooklyn, NY

By Vida Elsayed
Monday at 11:28 AM
Enjoying my day taking care of my veggie garden. Would be happier if we got a taste of rain. I also made a few Pecaun Pies, last weekend, but saw this great recipe on Justapinch, Oyster Bombs. I'm sure they are the "Bomb", Lol. A must try! Have a great day.