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This is for all those who have a house full of men who are NOT dieting. Hearty meals to fill up growing boys.
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Posted 7:43 AM on Wed, Dec 11, 2013

Winter food

It's getting colder out. There was a little 'frost on the pumpkin' this morning. I guess I am going to have to go buy and ice scraper. I am not use to parking my car outside in the winter, but now that is what I have to do.

What are you making to keep you warm this winter? I need to make a pot of Darn Good Homemade Chili. I will freeze it and have it all winter long. YUM!!

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user Julia Ferguson judyjellybean - Dec 11, 2013
Mel, I like soups, stews and a pot of beans with cornbread in winter. Sometimes I cheat using canned chicken noodle soup, add extra broth, a couple stocks of small dice celery, a bit of onion and 1 small dice carrot. When veggies are tender I add a couple handfuls of extra thin packaged egg noodles, cook until noodles are tender. Great for a quick semi homemade dinner. You can also add a small can of chicken breast, but I don't. We would rather put peanut butter on our crackers, to kick up the protien.
user Julia Ferguson judyjellybean - Dec 11, 2013
That should have said, stalks or ribs of celery.
user Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Dec 11, 2013
I made a big pot of chili and we had big bowls w/saltines, plus a bowl for honey's lunch, then divided and froze. Last night hubby made chili and Fritos salad. Yum ! We have enough in the freezer to have chili over rice (and some for his lunch) for a meal next week ! Nothing to waste :)
user Melanie B MelBelle - Dec 11, 2013
Sounds wonderful Millie. I love good chili.
I made some turkey and rice last weekend. I boiled the carcass and made really wonderful stock, then added carrots, celery, a bay leaf and rice along with a bit of thyme. It is really good. Of course I divided it up for the freezer. I brought a container for lunch today. YUM!
user Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Dec 11, 2013
YUM ! Can't beat homemade stock. Love being thrifty in this economy !
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