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There are ALWAYS new things to learn along the way! With that being said, this group is for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned who would like to learn more or share what they already know. The tips and hints that make up a good cook or baker. Keep in mind that conversation will not always necessarily be just cooking or baking. There may be discussions on special diets, allergies, healthy eating just to name a few as each person's normal diet is different from anothers. Please feel free to bring up these subjects!
I guess even in this simple group I have to post rules now.
Rule 1. Play nice in the sand box. There will be no bashing, nastiness or arguments. I will not have it. Im not here for drama. I will moderate my own group if I have to and it could mean removal of comment/post and or removal from the group.
2. have fun please! We are here to share good recipes, good conversation and good friendship.
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Posted 9:58 AM on Sun, Nov 3, 2013

How to keep mushrooms and Lettuce from spoiling

This came up in another group and I will post it here as well. Usually when you buy mushrooms, they are prepackaged or you can buy them bulk and loose. Either way you buy them, (If prewrapped, remove the plastic covering) wrap them up in a paper towel and place in the fridge and they will last longer.
For lettuce, core, wash and dry. Then wrap in paper towel and then wrap in saran wrap.

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user Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Nov 3, 2013
Good tip on the mushrooms !
With lettuce, sometimes I'll put in a container (like tupperware or old butter bowl) and fill with cold water. Really keeps the edges from browning and the lettuce crispy.
user Connie Ottman cottman - Nov 3, 2013
I remove all my veggies from their original container and store them in produce bags. Sometimes, I also include the paper towels. Will try your hint with lettuce and mushrooms. Thanks:)
user Areatha Daniels Reethy - Nov 3, 2013
Thank you, I have some right now that needs to be re-wraped.
user Cin Straw's Kitchen NanatomyGrandsismyPassion - Nov 3, 2013
Millie I have done that with celery, gona try it with my lettuceā™„
user Marcia McCance mmccance - Nov 4, 2013
I often buy the leafy green type of lettuce (instead of the head or "ice berg" type). I then remove them from their package, slice a little off (the orange part at the bottom) to make a fresh cut stem and place them in a plastic zip-lock bag with about an inch of water in one corner. I try to make sure the stem is in that corner spot of water standing upright in a bowl in the fridge so they drink the water like cut flowers do. It keeps the lettuce firm and fresh for days. I try to change the water ever other day or so to give them a fresh drink. Celery and even broccoli heads like that fresh drink of water, too, and they last longer in a fresher state in my fridge. I'm very glad to hear about the mushroom and the paper towel... will be trying that the next time I buy some. Hugs!!
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