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After reading some of the comments on other discussion groups I thought it would be a great idea to have a group dedicated to a prayer chain. This group would be an outlet for those in need of support, love and prayers during difficult times in their lives. This way they can come to one place, and other members will have their names and be able to add them to their prayer list. In these troubling and difficult times that we are all facing I think it is needed.
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Posted 4:35 PM on Sat, Jul 6, 2013

Please Pray My Mom

There are things in life we just can not understand. We are facing something in our family once again that causes us to keep our eyes peeled to the Lord. Please pray for my mom...We have a very serious decision we have to make tomorrow. We are asking all prayer warriors to interceed on her behalf and ours too. Our hearts are so heavy...we know His burdens are light. Facing what we have to face is probably the most difficult thing we have had to do thus far.

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user tara h grandmatarah - Jul 6, 2013
You always have mine. I am always here for you.
user Cin Straw's Kitchen NanatomyGrandsismyPassion - Jul 7, 2013
My prayer is with you Kimi
user Kimi Gaines kimijo - Jul 7, 2013
Thank you girls....
user Sharon Colyer Cmom02 - Jul 7, 2013
Will do Kimi. God bless.
user Kimi Gaines kimijo - Jul 7, 2013
Today it was proven to me once again that God is so AWESOME and His plans are not ours...The big picture is what is most important. It starts out as an empty canvas and God starts drawing out our life...Well today when we got to the hospital, there were 13 of her children, grandchildren & great grandchild. All in one room...that in itself is amazing. We went to a large room and Dr. Cowan explained what was going on (I think he was so overwhelmed with his audience). We sat there with our eyes glued to his, ears open and with trust he gave us options. We asked him if this was his mom or grandma what would you do...he looked at us and with no extra words he said, I would amputate it. The MRSA is in the hardware which there is a lot of it. It would be a 5 hr surgery if he went in and cleaned up and put the spacers in it would not guarantee that the MRSA would be gone. And she would have to have several surgeries after that. She would be on very strong antibiotics for the rest of her life. So My sister's & I went with Dr. Cowan and told her. With her limited understanding she realized what we were saying and she cried and said I don't think I can do this anymore and then in the next breath she said but with Jesus I can. She looked at her dr. and said what do you think and he told her and she looked at us with the most sweet eyes and we explained that if he didn't take her leg she would suffer a long painful death. They were going to do it this evening, but her blood counts are low so the anthestisologist felt she was at risk of heart problems and another stroke. She has a better chance for it to go well if we wait. Her dr. is going out of town this week and she will be on antibiotics and have blood to raise her counts. So on Monday the 15th unless things change her leg will be amputated above the knee or a bit higher. We were an army of soilders filing in her room praying, loving on her dressed in protective gear. Robes, mask, gloves and filed in there 3 by 3 to visit and it was so amazing. Thank you so much for your prayers today....We do not know what tomorrow brings but today was beautiful.....simply priceless.
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