nellie rickey jus4nan - Jun 1, 2013

restauraunt questions

It has come to my attention as I was nibbling on my rib basket at applebees that the center was stone cold..like just out of refrigerator cold..the manager brought me new ones..yes they were hot..microwave hot..they took it off my bill but it has led me to question something.. is all the food coming from factories and shipped to them precooked? I emailed them and actually had a team leader call me..it seems they no longer steam the ribs as they used to..it comes precooked with out sauce..they are supposed to heat them on the grill and then add hot barbecue over them..I am thinking my cook was taking some short cuts..as I look into this further..olive garden..red lobster..tgi Fridays they all due to portion control..very little is fresh made....so look for that little hometown café and stick with I can nuke food at home lol



Connie Ottman cottman
Nov 19, 2013
I try to avoid fast food and I'm not surprised about these restaurants. I'm with Thea, love the steak houses:)
Vida Berry 2crickets
Nov 18, 2013
We were at Applebees in Chesterton, IN the other night and after half an hour, the manager came out & told my husband they were out of ribs & it would take 5hrs to prepare. All sounded kinda fishy to me. So he ordered a steak and it was rubbery & grayish looking and loaded with salt. Couldn't eat it. Manager ended up only charging us for the coffee, but we never got to eat. Will never go back. The whole situation just didn't seem right. Made me feel like they did something to our food.
michelle 'FLAME' kelley flameswithinice
Jun 3, 2013
glad i could help. chinese food is one of the few restaurants that cook everything fresh. even their egg rolls are usually put together fresh in the restaurant. unless its like panda house or the like.
Lynn Socko lynnsocko
Jun 1, 2013
Great info and not surprised at all. Also, unless something has changed, KFC uses fresh chicken. I worked in all 4 that once was here in our town, we got our cases of chicken from a local provider. They would marinate the white chicken overnight. the gravy and potatoes came from packages, but the salads like coleslaw and potato salad, jello salad and baked beans were made from scratch, with the baked beans coming from a can of course, but sauce added and then baked. I have no idea how it's done now. And for years we even made our own wheat rolls from scratch, but that was an exception, not the rule. We have a large meat production plant here that ships out to many places, so it's very convienent for restaurants to get fresh beef, but I'm sure they don't all do that. And breakfast being prefab so to speak, that's just WRONG!!!
Thea Pappalardo Sassy01
Jun 1, 2013
This is precisely why I seldom go to chain restaurants. One exception is Texas Roadhouse. And I know their steaks are not precooked in any way because you pick out the steak you want from the refrigerated case. That is true of many steakhouses, too. I'd rather pay a little more for my food and go to a restaurant that takes pride in it's product.