nellie rickey jus4nan - Jun 1, 2013

restauraunt questions

It has come to my attention as I was nibbling on my rib basket at applebees that the center was stone cold..like just out of refrigerator cold..the manager brought me new ones..yes they were hot..microwave hot..they took it off my bill but it has led me to question something.. is all the food coming from factories and shipped to them precooked? I emailed them and actually had a team leader call me..it seems they no longer steam the ribs as they used to..it comes precooked with out sauce..they are supposed to heat them on the grill and then add hot barbecue over them..I am thinking my cook was taking some short cuts..as I look into this further..olive garden..red lobster..tgi Fridays they all due to portion control..very little is fresh made....so look for that little hometown café and stick with I can nuke food at home lol

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    Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Jun 1, 2013
    Sad but true ! :(
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    Donna Roth LuvnMom - Jun 1, 2013
    somebody needs to sick Gordon Ramsey on them
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    Lynn Socko lynnsocko - Jun 1, 2013
    and I can tell you that Mexican food places, even the small burrito shops sell fresh cooked food. We have dozens of both here, and they even make their flour tortilla's fresh daily. Some of the smaller cafe/restaurants do serve processed frozen food. We have one diner that has been here for EVER and is very popular, but my son worked as a cooks helper years ago, and most everything is frozen. They did make burgers and steaks from fresh meat and made fresh rolls daily and some other things, but their chicken and pork chops and lots of other items were frozen. Surprises me that those restaurants you mentioned don't cook fresh! Aren't they pretty expensive? We rarely eat out, so guess it's a good thing.
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    Jane McMillan-Whittaker janenov46 - Jun 1, 2013
    Nellie, you sure hit it on the head there.
    If you know food like most of us do...you expect the food to be at least as good as you can prepare at home. When I eat out I am picky..
    It must embarress GW because if I get something that is substandard I will inform them that it is substandard too. i am one of those peeps that you don't want to ask them how you like it :)
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    Connie Ottman cottman - Jun 1, 2013
    Nellie and Jane...I'm with you.