Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Apr 22, 2013

Honey...How to tell the real thing from the fake !


Pure honey:
- Honey aroma
-causes a mild burning sensation in the throat
-has natural impurities
-has a soft texture
-quite thick, tickles in a thin stream
-no foam

Fake honey:
-sour smell or no smell
-does not cause a mild burning senstation in the throat
-seperates into layeres
-no impurities
-has a rough texture
-has foam

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    Kim Biegacki pistachyoo - Apr 22, 2013
    Wow, great info Millie! Thanks for I want to go and test my honeys! LOL
  • user
    Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Apr 22, 2013
    You are very welcome. Melanie asked me to post it here for you guys. Very good info. The honey market is being bombarded with fake honey. Don't get fooled ! THE best way to know, is to buy honey from a local source.
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    Susan Feliciano frenchtutor - Apr 22, 2013
    We can find locally grown honey every Saturday at our local farmer's market. It's raised by a couple about 4 miles up the road from us - so I can use it to ease allergies.
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    Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Apr 22, 2013
    I take it for the same reason, Susan.
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    cindy sandberg cindyLs - Apr 22, 2013
    Fortunately I have a couple of good sources for local honey! I also occasionally buy it on my infrequent trips to Trader Joes. In a recent "honey test", they were one of the few places tested where ALL of the honey they were selling was actually pure honey, not fake or cut with fake stuff!