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Started Tue, Feb 23, 2010 by
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Posted 11:56 PM on Tue, Apr 6, 2010

Hi Looking for a recipe for Leftover Crab Salad

Could be a casserole, a quiche or an omlette?????



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user Joanna Hughes threefortea - Apr 7, 2010
If I had left over crab salad, I might add some shredded lettuce, or sprouts and cut open some croissant rolls spread one side with cream cheese and stuff with mixture - maybe top with a slice of avocado if I had it and make a winner sandwich! Lucky gal..
user Lupe Delgado LupeD - Apr 8, 2010
Thank you so much..
user Lupe Delgado LupeD - Apr 8, 2010
Thanx once again threefortea
user Lydia Johnson-Oakes Happyinred - Apr 30, 2010
Hi Lupe. when I have left over crab salad I throw it in the food processor and give it a quick whirl then serve it with crackers or use it for sandwiches.
user Peggi Anne Tebben cookiequeen - Jan 23, 2011
I know this is real late but I came across this link. When I worked at a restaurant & we had leftover crab salad, we made it into crab cakes by adding eggs & bread crumbs & then dipping in bread crumbs & frying in butter, in case you have left overs again.
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