Gail Welch sugarshack - Mar 20, 2012

Orange TANG Cake

It's an orange cake made with TANG with orange TANG frosting. Anybody got any ideas on how to make one? I had it a long time ago at a Tupperware party. I'm thinking a yellow cake mix and adding some TANG to it might work.

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    Diane Hopson Smith DeeDee2011 - Mar 20, 2012
    Gail I found this on the web, I've never made it before:

    Orange Tang Pound Cake

    1 pkg Duncan hines Yellow Butter Pound Cake Mix

    1/2 cup orange tang or drink you prefer to use

    1/2 cup oil

    Dash Salt

    1 pkg instand lemon pudding

    1/2 cup water

    4 eggs

    For the cake: combine all the ingredients listed above and beat on a low to medium speed for atleast 2 minutes. You will then take the prepared mixture and pour it into the bunt pan that has been well greased or sprayed with cooking spray. Take some of the chopped nuts (pecans) and sprinkle them into the bottom of the bunt pan. bake the cake for a full thirty minutes.

    While the cake is baking prepare the Orange glaze.

    1 cup sugar

    1/4 cup orange juice

    1 stick oleo

    1/4 cup water

    Boil this mixture for atleast 6 minutes. Be sure to put the cake onto a container that will not allow the glaze to run off creating a huge mess. Once the cake is done baking pur this glaze over the top and do not make the glaze ahead of time or save for later.

    Once again, this is a very easy cake to make and it tastes amazing! Kids and adults are sure to love it. If you want to, you can skip the pecans and not add them to the cake. It is totally up to you.
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    Annette W. greeneyez - Mar 20, 2012
    Here's another one off the internet from

    Orange Tang Cake

    2 ½ cups self-rising flour or 2 ½ cups cake flour
    1 cup instant Tang orange drink
    1 ¼ cups orange juice
    2 cups sugar
    2 eggs
    ½ teaspoon orange
    ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
    ½ cup oil or ½ cup softened butter or ½ cup margarine
    ¼ cup sour cream

    Preheat oven to 350.
    In a large bowl, mix flour and sugar manually.
    Add powder and orange juice to the mixture.
    Using an electric blender, mix at low speed; fold in sour cream and oil.
    Slowly increase speed and add both extracts; slowly add eggs.
    Increase speed to medium and mix until smooth.
    Oil and slightly flour two 8" or 9" baking pans; pour in batter.
    Bake for at least 45 minutes.
    When cake is done, cool at room temperature for 20 minutes.
    Frost with Chocolate, Orange, or Vanilla frosting.

    Diane, how have we not made these cakes before with our love of white cakes with citrus added?
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    Diane Hopson Smith DeeDee2011 - Mar 20, 2012
    You got me!! I think I would LOVE these 2 cakes!!
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    Annette W. greeneyez - Mar 20, 2012
    Me too!
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    Diane Hopson Smith DeeDee2011 - Mar 20, 2012
    How's your sweet Ryon doing?