Debbie McCraw dcsprsmm - Feb 9, 2012

I Need some help please!!!!

I need to find foods to take to potluck dinners that are Diabetic ,I would love to find deserts that taste good as well.That is the biggest gripe I hear is nobody ever thinks about the diabetics.I want to change this for my friends and you never know when it could strike your family so i am looking for a site to help me out THANKS DEBBIE



Mercy T mercycooks
Mar 15, 2012
Hi Debbie, I posted my low carb sugar fee banana pudding. It works every time and no one will ever know it isn't a sin!
Donna Blocker donalee73
Mar 8, 2012
Hi Everyone,
I just found out I am diabetic and our family is grown. I really don't cook that much anymore. I guess more on weekends than weekdays. But I do work away from home & need to get some recipes together that will be waiting for me when I get home. I will share some as soon as I find them!
penny jordan PennyLJ55
Feb 16, 2012
Coming soon...Diabetic Friendly "Margarita Cake" ...See you soon!
Penny Jordan penee55
Feb 10, 2012
I am adding a "Diabetic-Friendly" Banana Bundt Cake recipe today... Very moist, tasty, and easy also.
Ruth Thomas Flowerlady3
Feb 9, 2012
Hope to find good tasting recipes for Diabetics here soon. This may take some time to get it working for us. So don't give it up! Any good tips will help us also.