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Posted 3:49 PM on Mon, Jan 23, 2012

Cast Iron Skillet issue- Taste of South Magazine

This month, I read that Taste of the South magazine is having a "Cast Iron" issue.. with lots of color photos, recipes, tips, hints, all having to do with cast iron cooking.

Catfish, this made me think of you.... Just wanted those who like cooking in Cast Iron to look out for the issue.

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user Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Jan 23, 2012
Were do you find that mag. I have never heard of it. I would love to get one. Thanks.. By the way how have you been. Haven't seen you much.
user Sher Bird Litehouse9 - Jan 23, 2012
Bob: Not around JAP so much, just don't like it as well as I liked Mixing Bowl... I live in the NOrth, so they definitely don't have that magazine up here.. but I read about and the new issue. I know that Barnes and Noble bookstores have a huge selection of magazines, so they should have it... or possibly WalMart or other big store. Or you can look on the internet.. Just sounded like it was right up your alley! I might look on the Web myself, as I would love a copy of the magazine too, and I know for sure that "up north" they won't sell it. Sher
user Sher Bird Litehouse9 - Jan 23, 2012
Bob: Just went on their website -- Sent an email to customer service asking where to buy it... It looks like a agreat magazine.. This "Northern Girl" just might subscribe to it! Go to the website and see what you think.. i will let you know what they say about where to buy it.
user Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Jan 24, 2012
Sher, Have you tryed any of the other groups here.i DON'T GO TO THE OLD m.b. LIKE I USE TO. i HAVE A LOT OF OTHER GROUPS THAT I'M ON AND THEY ARE MORE FUN TRY SOME OTHERS YOU MITE HAVE SOME FUN ON.. What site do you go on now these days.
user Sher Bird Litehouse9 - Jan 24, 2012
Bob, I will have to go to groups more often. I have joined about 20 groups (I even started a couple), but just don't seem to feel at home in any. Which ones do you recommend??
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