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Posted 11:30 AM on Sun, Nov 27, 2011

Lost non-bake recipe for "Junk"

I'm new to this group and am hoping to find a recipe for something called "Junk". Back in the 70's is when I made this, but through all of my moves during the last 30 years I seem to have lost the recipe. It was a non-bake cookie that got better with age. It had only 4 or 5 ingredients and turned out great. If anyone has heard of this or has the recipe I would greatly appreciate it. I've talked about it for years and no one believes me. Thanks for all your help.

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user Shelley Simpson Shellasim - Nov 27, 2011
Is it a cookie or is it a bar. I looked on line and found a recipe for Seven-layer cookies (aka Magic Bars, aka Junk Bars. Could that be it? andreasrecipes.com/2006/12/...
user Shelley Simpson Shellasim - Nov 27, 2011
Here is another one. This one is a cookie. And looks really good....I even printed it for myself.
user Shelley Simpson Shellasim - Nov 27, 2011
Ah, but that one you have to bake. What were some of the ingredients that you remember were in the recipe?
user Patti Jagodzinski Gingersnap57 - Nov 27, 2011
Hi Ladies, some of the ingr. were dates, marshmallows, cream.... you formed it into a log and wrapped it in sarah, then refrigerated it. The dates and cream turned into a type of fermented joyousness! Like I said the longer you let it sit before eating the better. Just like fruitcake.
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