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This group is for all you insomniacs out there,( like me) who the sandman refuses to visit. This is a great place to see who else is wide awake and cruising Just a Pinch. What's on your mind ? Looking for a good recipe or a good conversation is just a click away...unless by some weird coincidence we are all asleep at the same time (hey, it COULD happen,lol) ...then it would be just good recipes, lol !
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Posted 1:30 AM on Mon, Mar 3, 2014

Good morning. Any one out there.

We missed the biggest part of the storm yesterday. Thank God for that. Got an inch of sleet and then an inch of snow. Going to be in the 50s by Friday. Have seen a lot of snow geese going north. That is a good sign.. Was not able to get to church yesterday. But that's ok. Pretty much just stayed in all day. I made some BBQ sauce that has been posted in "The Happy Griller" contest. Got some more to try this week. I have a lot of things going this week. Full book. Still not able to work at church till I have my 6 week check up. But the work is not going any were. How was your weekend?

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user Dee Irvine Qtie - Mar 3, 2014
Hi Bob, great to see you on here!!! We were all very worried about you. We had a very rare rainy weekend here in Irvine, California. LA got over 6 inches of rain this weekend. Last year we got a total of 3 inches in 12 months. In off to bed. Hope you get some good solid sleep.
user Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Mar 3, 2014
I saw that on the news. Hope all is ok with you. I know they had a lot of mud slides around there. I think you had it very bad this year. But then again who didn't.. I am so over winter weather..
user Dee Irvine Qtie - Mar 3, 2014
We really haven't had a winter. We just got our first rain in a year this weekend. In Irvine we don't have mudslides. That happens closer to LA.. I'm about forty five minutes away from there. Irvine is just about the safest city in the United States. We are blessed.
user Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Mar 3, 2014
That I am thank full for. There a lot of people out there that have or are about to loose every thing..
user Dee Irvine Qtie - Mar 3, 2014
Some people like to live right on the edge of nature and take a huge risk. Unfortunately Mother Nature has a mind of her own and those people do pay the price. But if they lose their house many just rebuild on the same place.
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