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Hosted by Terrie Hoelscher

I thought it might be easier to find the crock pot [slow-cooker] recipes we're all looking for, if they're in one handy place!
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Hosted by Lori Newton

How to eat & cook anti inflammatory. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc. as well as most chronic pain is caused by inflammation....
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Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipes
Hosted by Pat Duran

RECIPES USING SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK ONLY. Sweetened condensed milk make the most delicious recipes! It makes the recipe so...

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Here's the BEEF !
Hosted by Pat Duran

RECIPES CONTAINING BEEF ONLY. Hope you all decide to post your beef recipes here! It's kinda hard to search for them, when they...
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Freezer and Refrigerated Dough Recipes
Hosted by Pat Duran

FREEZER AND REFRIGERATED BREAD DOUGH ONLY. In this group you will find tips for freezer yeast doughs, from Consumer...
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Bisquick Recipes 24/7
Hosted by Pat Duran

RECIPES USING BISQUICK ONLY. Short cut baking mix- quick and easy. Post your favorite family recipe using Bisquick mix; Using...
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Kitchen Chatter Recipes
Hosted by Pat Duran

Loads of recipes soon from my recipe column of 45 years ago. Called Kitchen Chatter- it was in the Saginaw Township News- a small...
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Making Fresh Sausage
Hosted by Jim McGuire

I love to make fresh sausage. I just finished 27 pounds of fresh pork sausage today. I'm going to make 20 pounds of bratwurst...