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Make It Yourself
Hosted by Karen Feinen

The name probably speaks for itself. This is a place to share recipes for pantry items that we might normally buy premade such...
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Life on the Road
Hosted by Karen Feinen

RV and camp cookery poses special challenges. Here is a place to discuss and share recipes, cooking and other topics pertaining...
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Which Celebrity Chef Are You?
Hosted by Kitchen Crew

Take the quiz and find out!

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Marci and Friends Recipes
Hosted by Marci Thesken

Our Favorite recipes and recipes we would like to try
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Veggie Village
Hosted by C G

Place to share and discuss vegetarian, vegan, raw, (etc.) recipes. You don't have to be vegetarian to participate.
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Hosted by Bonnie Beck

Thought it would be a good idea to have "Recalls" all in one place. If anyone hears or knows of a RECALL, please post it here.
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Making Fresh Sausage
Hosted by Jim McGuire

I love to make fresh sausage. I just finished 27 pounds of fresh pork sausage today. I'm going to make 20 pounds of bratwurst...
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Cherokee Spiritual Circle Closed Group
Hosted by Sheri Wells-Garcia

Cherokee Inspiration.