Special Diets Groups

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Hosted by Lori Newton

How to eat & cook anti inflammatory. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc. as well as most chronic pain is caused by inflammation....
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Auto Immune Disease
Hosted by Glenda Moore

You may have Celiac, Crohns, Sjogrens or whatever we all need to learn how to eat differently and I am in hopes we can get things...
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Gluten-Free Living
Hosted by Heather Stepniewski

My family went gluten-free when my oldest son was diagnosed with allergies. I've started posting some gluten-free recipes, but...

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Cooking Around Food Sensitivities
Hosted by Heidi Hoerman

Have you recently found you can no longer eat chocolate? Have you cured your sinus troubles by avoiding onions? Is lactose...
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Anything with Horseradish
Hosted by Brandy Bender

This is a group for all of the horseradish fans and for all of the recipes that have horseradish in them!
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Veg Out! True Vegetarian Recipes
Hosted by Stacia Osborn

I came here because I wanted to find new recipes, but what I found was 1/4 of the nearly 350 pages of recipes tagged vegetarian...
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Honey Honey...Not Sugar Sugar
Hosted by Melanie B

This is a group where we can collect recipes that use honey.
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Low Sodium No Problem
Hosted by Deneece Gursky

My dad was just in ICU and due to his health conditions he has to saty on a very low sodium diet. I thought I would start a group...