50 -OREGON Recipes
Created June 2012

By Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin
Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Patrykus [Finnjin]
Trail,s end for Wagon Trains.
Life's beginning for spawning salmon.
Crater Lake, unbelievably blue in volcano bed. --Has sperital powers, as stated by the Kalamth Native American Tribe.- Multnnomab Falls of tumbeling grace.--Mount Hood stands in snow tiared majesty.--
A sea carved coastline will take your breath away.
Recipes from :
Wonderful OREGON cooks & friends.

Cover picture.. Crater Lake...

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1 Comment

Rose Selvar potrose
Jun 27, 2012
Well, Ma, I've studied all your States
Cookbooks up to and through Oregon...
All I can say is...I'm glad that there
are only 50 States...and not 57 like the
current president thinks...
I'm sure you will finish the 50 states
before I get anywhere near you...
I know you are enjoying putting these
together...and they do have lots of
WONDERFUL recipes in them. Melissa Snow
sure has a lot of great recipes in this
{{HUGS}} Rose 6/27/12